Ever search for images on your Android tablet only to be annoyed that you have to click on the image to see it full screen, then click back to view the results to check out the next image? No longer do you have to do this, as now you can swipe between the full resolution images in a carousel fashion. After clicking on an image to see if full screen you simply swipe left or right to see the next or previous image. Want to learn more about the image? Simply click on the lower left corner and you will be taken to the site with the information. Another subtle yet helpful revamp from Google!

Source: Google Mobile Blog


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View Google Image results in a new carousel


Is this really just for tablets? I mean I'm sure I could get it on my phone by changing the useragent or something, but why not just make this universal? Or at least for all mobile devices?

I don't know about the Android tablet experience, but on the iPad, this system makes getting the image URL a lot more difficult.

This is not new.

Google Image Search has been doing this forever...and I don't own a tablet.

Try going there from any browser.