VH1 for Android

Watch your favorite VH1 shows right on your Android, and exclusive content is coming, too

VH1 has released their app for Android this afternoon, finally bringing the popular iOS program to hundreds of millions more eyeballs.

The app will play your favorite shows from the VH1 network, like Basketball Wives and Couples Therapy, as well as content like musician interviews and mash-ups from the VH1 blog. There's even some music tucked in there with VH1 Divas and the upcoming summer music festivals.

In addition, VH1 says there will be exclusive content for the Android app, like the re-release of VH1’s original movie CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, as well as a full episode preview of the next episode for Basketball Wives: LA after its season 3 premiere tonight.

The app requires Android 4.0 or higher, and you can grab it for free from the Google Play link above.


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VH1 app now available for Android


All I need to know about this app: Today a founding member of Devo died - and the front page is promoting several "reality" TV shows.

My roommates are on Dish, which isn't a partner so the show i want to watch is locked, though a few That Metal Show episodes aren't locked, but they have ads, and i don't do ads. Uninstalled.

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Yeah, around the same time that Mtv stood for music TV send actually played music..

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Music videos, which are actually extended commercials for singles and albums, never made money for cable channels, so they stopped playing them more than 20 years ago.

And then this thing called YouTube happened and THAT'S WHERE YOUR MUSIC VIDEOS WENT. You old people. :-)

Oh, I guess next would be an MTV app, which will instead of playing music videos, will have 3,403 "reality" shows.

It always makes me feel like a better developer when giant companies can't make a proper action bar.

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After reading this, I downloaded the app and watched an episode of Basketball Wives LA. Sometimes, trashy reality shows can be entertaining.

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Wow, this'll be a real winner. /s

There's not many apps that I care less about than VH1 or (shudder) MTV.

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Not available in your country....

Now there's ways around that but I don't think I'll bother!

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Aaaand, like everything else that involves the media business, it's only available in select few countries (US only?)
Not surprised at all.

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