Verizon's Samsung Gem

We first saw pics of a Verizon-branded Samsung Gem (OK, of a dummy unit) back in February, but today new pictures, including what looks like retail packaging, have surfaced.  Alltel, U.S. Cellular, and Bluegrass Cellular already offer the Gem, which is a mid-range device sporting a 3.2-inch WQVGA display, an 800 MHz CPU and Android 2.2, so this one isn't an exclusive.  The good news is that we're pretty sure it won't be Binged, and for those interested it should be available soon from Big Red.  When and if Verizon has anything official to say, we'll let you know.  [Chris Ziegler]

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rizzay1 says:

Looks like the behold ..

Jakemcq1 says:

This product is already available in the verizon indirect channel just not in the corporate stores just yet but the verizon inderect retailers have this product

__arock__ says:

Yeah, we have been selling that phone for about 3 weeks now. From what I understood it was going to be an indirect agent only phone. Verizon corporate wasn't going to be carrying it.

GMFreak8 says:

I work for wireless zone in upstate new York and we have been selling this for a couple of weeks now. Only stores that don't offer it currently are corporate owned. Its a horrible phone but a great seller for the price. Unfortunately I think it ruins the feel of android for those switching over.

TweeterMan says:

This has been on sale at some indirect locations for about a month now.

acquaz10 says:

Its got with Google branding on it. So definitely means IT'S NOT BINGED! Anyways, happy with my TBolt. Haha

newboyx says:

Don't buy it! No one needs to put themselves through the mediocrity that is Samsung's horrible 800 Mhz processor. Do not confuse this with the processor that is in the Evo Shift of the G2. This processor is over 2 years old. I have owned a Samsung Moment (ouch) and an Intercept, this thing could quite possibly ruin everything you love about Android.

dougtheneard says:

You forgot to mention that Cellular South has the Gem.

footysr says:

Hey look, Verizon is getting the Intercept! lol