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United Airlines is introducing a new "trial feature" to its app that lets international travelers scan their passports along with check-in using their phone. The app can use the scanned image of your passport to either verify previously-entered information or add it to the system, removing one step that slows down the ticketing and boarding process of international flights. If the app properly identifies your passport information, you won't be asked to provide any further documentation to receive your boarding pass.

Naturally you'll still be expected to bring valid passports and identification with them to the airport, but with this latest app update you'll likely get to leave that passport in your bag and breeze on through the gate to your flight.

You can grab the latest version of the United Airlines app from the Google Play Store link at the top of this post.


Reader comments

United Airlines app lets you scan your passport for international flight check-in


I've been pretty impressed with United's app since they redesigned it earlier this year. Which is good, because holy crap, was the original design ever awful.

I have found the UNITED app to be good, if not great when compared to its piers, even the older Continental Airlines app (which the old UNITED app was based on) was decent.

For example, the AA app is really sub par when compared with the UA app. DELTA's app is good, though I prefer the UA one.

I find the US Airways app is actually pretty good, just painfully slow.


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