Maptec from XDA has a working copy of Netflix for Android, streaming video just fine on his HTC Evo 4G.  This is supposedly the same Netflix app from the LG Revolution system dump.  Like many, Maptec was using the apk for a queue manager, and it received an auto-update today and suddenly started working. Magical.

We were told that Netflix would be coming to select Android devices based on hardware, so I'm as surprised by this one as anyone else.  Remember if you try this one out that it's completely unauthorized, and you're probably breaking at least one licensing agreement with a company that has your name and credit card number.  If you're not deterred, hit the source link and give it a try. [XDA Developers] Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Update: Now you see it, now you don't -- streaming video that is.  Whatever wizardry that went on to make this one work has been undone, and we're back to waiting on Netflix again.

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Muffspring18 says:

Still not playing videos. HTC evo 4g

skbgiants says:

OH F YEAH! Streaming "Grown Ups" over wi-fi on my EVO! PERFECT picture.


EVO4g rooted
Stock rom

MattChance says:

No sane person has ever said "OH F YEAH" to watching "Grown Ups", so I have to assume that statement was attributed to being able to watch Netflix on your phone.

pDoG says:

Can't get it to work at my tmobile g2 rooted.

dslayton says:

Doesn't work for me. Starts to buffer movie then exits back to menu.

Stock Thunderbolt

taztaz8380 says:

does htc evo have to be rootted

crxssi says:

I don't think so

BlackHawkA4 says:

Didn't work epic 4g. Maybe for the best.

I think this is LG's way of getting payback against samsung. Damn koreans haha

likwidsoul says:

Im torn I might give it a try might just wait

skbgiants says:

Did you guys dl the .apk from the OP on XDA? Use the first one, not the mirrors.

It may just be me, however as I live and breath I'm streaming "Grown Ups" over wi-fi and looks GREAT!


EDIT: also streamed "Jar Heads" and Daniel Tosh "Completely Serious"

BlackHawkA4 says:

When I log in it starts to load then closes. O well I guss. Again, epic 4g.

DNicolasL says:

Its working on CM7 EVO!

crxssi says:

OMG, it works!!! Stock Evo 4G

b0x3r says:

works for me !! stock evo !!! no problems so far ! just uninstalled the old version and downloaded the new one and its working !!

CaddyDave says:

Where do I get the new download

skbgiants says:

See my link? Go there.

TJH132 says:

Working here. DInc.

soccerfon711 says:

Not working on my Thunderbolt. It sends scary DRM warnings.

Con_Valian says:

Working on my Captivate running MIUI 2.3.3 beta 6, over 3G.

Muffspring18 says:

It is now working. USe the link in the comments. Just reinstall the netflix app. Thanks skbgiants!

stock evo working for me too!!! omfg

they shut it down. worked for like 30 minutes. now stuck on "loading..."

crxssi says:

Confirmed. Something is now broken. It just sits at "loading..." for a long time then says it can't connect to the server. Then it closes itself :(

haha this just came:

We're sorry you may have had trouble watching instantly
Dear J,

Recently you may have had trouble instantly watching TV episodes or movies due to technical issues.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. If you attempted and were unable to instantly watch TV episodes or movies yesterday, click on this account specific link in the next 7 days to apply your 3% credit to your next billing statement for your Watch Instantly Unlimited plan. Credit can only be applied once.

Ready to start watching again? Check out our latest selection.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. If you need further assistance, please call us at 1-866-923-0898.

–The Netflix Team

update: The terms of service showed up on the top of my homepage. Asked me to click agree.

EvilMonkey says:

That's due to the outage the other night. Nothing related to this.

CaddyDave says:

Yea thunderbolt drm warning. Me too

Download what??

zx6rarcher says:

Works for me. Rooted Evo running CM7 latest RC

ajpatil says:

Not Working, ThunderBolt...Used the first link, starts to buffer, then goes back to main...

storino03 says:

Works on my rooted evo. Looks great!

ayoo456#AC says:

Damn android is the best

drdagreenphd says:

Works for me also. CM7RC2 OG Evo. If you have the old version of the unofficial netflix app, you have to uninstall it then reinstall the netflix app from the link:

shingi_70 says:

Works on my G2. This may be a double edged sowrd. On one hand this may show netflixits unfair to the consumer to only use certian phones. This may just let them give in and release the app on all phones or they may say screw it and not release the app at all.

likwidsoul says:

Not working on my dx but I haven't tried wifi yet

ZDriver says:

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet you hackers, uh I mean developers kick ass

gchahinian says:

ahh....i got nothin...soon as i try to login the app closes and goes straight back to the homescreen

dodgebusta says:

Works awesome on my stock EVO in WiFi and wimax, 3g eh....okay I guess.

NGagen says:

Works for me on WiFi - Nexus One CM7 - I installed the first download from the XDA page.

blackroseMD1 says:

And now it's up on Android Central, so expect Netflix to shut this down in 3...2...1...

Netflix hacking going on here, and I see a big ol' banner ad for Netflix on this page. Love it!!!!!! Arghhhhhhh!!!!

Works just fine for me as well!!

ray2k6 says:

I was able to install on my atrix, but I can't log in, when I do, it exits out of the app. :(

cbpagent72 says:

Force closes when signing into Netflix. Sprint EPIC 4G Syndicate ROM

same and I just made a netflix account. Oh well I guess I will just watch stuff on my xbox

Mobius360 says:

Same for me but on rooted stock Eb13.

kyrumo says:

Works on the wifes rooted EVO and does not work on my rooted Thunderbolt

rosser says:

didnt work on droid inc rooting running incdoes hd. just gonna wait for the official

works perfectly on stock rooted nexus s 2.3.3

bradleynj219 says:

I have the same issue on my rooted Droid2

Jbairdjr says:

Looks like the Droid X doesn't work. Installs, runs, but when I enter user name and password, closes and goes to home screen.

alc2077 says:

I was able to install the app & log into my netflix acct just fine however when I select a video to watch it starts to load the movie but then I get an error "sorry we could not reach the netflix service" :(

adamweish says:

Force Close once signed in on Droid X rooted.

nathands says:

Works on EVO 4G w/ CM7 RC2
Does not work on Nook Color w/ CM7 nightly 28

Snookrc says:

Works great for me on G2 (unrooted) but not on Droid (unrooted).

blackroseMD1 says:

Looks like they caught on...

Gimik says:

Was working before, but now it says it cannot contact the server. I think we killed it :(


ddarvish#IM says:

I think that it will ONLY work on snapdragon processors. more importantly if u have the 2nd gen processors (the ones that have drm feature built in) it still wont work cuz you dont have the drm license but still works on the older snapdragons since they dont have the protection built in. at least that is what i can infer from all the posts here and on xda

Klubhead says:

Rooted Evo.. AWESOMENESSssss

bladerunn3r says:

Probably right. Netflix apk I downloaded a week ago will just hang when I try to steam now, and the apk from the article link above will just force close when I try to sign into my netflix account. So looks like a no go on stock Droid X. :(

skbgiants says:

Yep. It's down. That said, the fact I had it working on my EVO is encouraging. Hopefully they release it soon for snapdragon and above.

Shawheim says:

still working on my evo

bratdawg says:

Couldn't get it to play anything on my Midnite Android 2.2 tablet. :( It loads and shows my queue but says it can't reach the netflix service.

crxssi says:

Netflix has disabled the app now.

Cubfan says:

Everything works for me but the playing. Stuck on loading, then an error about not being able to connect to the Netflix service. Evo rooted with CM7 latest nightly.

crxssi says:

Netflix has disabled the app now.

jmc2543 says:

No go in dinc running ud3.1.1 or Xoom running tiamat 1.1.6 kernel

tim242 says:

So, pirating apps is ok...sometimes? What double standards some like to live by!

skbgiants says:

Netflix undoubtedly will be free on the Market. The SERVICE is what we pay for. Do you pay Netflix additional to stream content to your Xbox, Blu-Ray player or laptop? NO.

This is not a "pirated app", nobody is getting anything for free here.

MattChance says:

No, but you do pay Microsoft a monthly fee for the priviledge of using the free Netflix app, if you somehow have no other way of using Netflix streaming @ home.

ShiftyBob#WN says:

freeze/force close when it starts loading a movie, but I am able to sign in...

unrEVOked EVO

tim242 says:

The app is pirated, regardless if there is a charge for it or not. They don't offer it for a reason. I love how people justify their pirating, but call out others on it. If you got it, and it is unauthirized, it is pirated.

Cubfan says:

I'll bet 10-1 you've installed it.

skbgiants says:

The definition of "Pirating": Copyright infringement (or copyright violation) is the unauthorized or prohibited use of works covered by copyright law, in a way that violates one of the copyright owner's exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works.

Here is the thing, The Netflix service, IF YOU PAY FOR IT (which you are required to do if you want to use it!) is paid for. The APP will be free, because Netflix generates income via subscribers, not from the sale and or use of an "App".

Nobody stole anything here. Move along. Enjoy your iPhone.

ReggieTee says:

Android Central, do you have to post a big ass update on the main page saying that an Unofficial app is working? Geez!



frizz3l says:

Netflix has put a stop to the streaming, but ran very smooth on a stock EVO 4G. On the updated March 23 download(not the mirrors). The app is 20 mb though. Some people won't be happy about that. No ApptoSD. Hopefully it will be able download from the market(and have ApptoSD). So we won't have to wait for a OTA from the carriers.

rub2008 says:

the previous version (build 691773-1.1.0) was half the size this one is. This new version (build 740558-trunk) is 20.30mb. CRAZY!!!!!!! I guess I'll uninstall until i can get a working version. 20mb is rather steep right now. I already got the "Low on space" warning. :(

dacp283 says:

I saw this when it first went live and didn't see it work on ANY phone I tried. Unless someone has video PROOF of it I don't believe it worked at all.

05 TypeS DC5 says:

i found a video online of someone streaming from an htc evo that was uploaded today

sdorn says:

I am watching Netflix right now on my Thunderbolt. It works perfectly over PlayOn as does Hulu and tons of other streaming video content.

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ayoo456#AC says:

I dont get why they don't want their customers to have this

EvilMonkey says:

Still can stream Netflix fine on my Evo (through PlayOn since I'm cool like that). I'm in no rush for a dedicated app.

CeluGeek says:

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drewnin says:

Worked for me on Samsung Captivate on at&t after a jumping threw a few hoops, streams just fine.