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A message on the Ubuntu developers list has some really good news for fans of Canonical's fledgling Ubuntu Touch mobile OS -- it's no longer running inside or on top of Android. Previously, Ubuntu Touch booted into Android and used a chroot to virtualize the Ubuntu OS on top of the Android core, much like hackers have been doing since the days of the Nexus One. 

But Oliver Grawert tells us today that this is no longer the case, and the OS now boots into Ubuntu and virtualizes Android services inside an LXC (LinuX Container) during boot. This is a complete 180 flip, and is great news for all fans of Ubuntu on their mobile.

The changes are available in the daily builds, have a look here if you're interested in running one. No word on when things will be merged into the official installer, but we imagine it won't be too far in the future.

Source: Ubuntu-Devel; Via: +Oliver Grawert

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popezaphod says:

I don't see what Ubuntu Touch and Firefox OS have to offer over Android and iOS.

The_Maverick says:

The big draw for Ubuntu is the prospect of running the same OS on all your devices, or even having just one (small) device that provides an apporpriate interface for any peripherals you connect to it.
That certainly intrigues me, but I doubt Ubuntu Touch will ever be more than a niche product.

Now Firefox OS, I can't explain that either...

AliffXL says:

Firefox OS is meant for budget smartphone, you know, those kind of phones too weak for Android.

And everybody knows that unless if Android is running on mid-end/high-end/rooted devices, it's gonna lag alot.....
(Former Samsung Ace user, current HTC One XL user)

JEvoUser says:

Android is more than capable of ruining on all your devices. I really see nothing to make me want to buy a device with Unbutu except for the button free design that uses gestures, but even that it's a stretch because as a ex webOS enthusiast I have pretty high standards in the gesture control department.

DaGODFather says:

choice maybe...

Xenx says:

It really comes down to choice. Now, obviously for most normal users it'll be Android or iOS. Who knows, maybe it'll take off and seriously compete.

Wollombi says:

Ugh. I used to think I'd like to see Ubuntu become more competitive, but Shuttleworth seems to be on a mission to destroy his creation by making it a Mac clone for all intents and purposes. I used to love Ubuntu, now I just kind of shrug my shoulders and think, "There's got to be something better."

Metallinatus says:

Ubuntu Touch intends to unify Smartphone, Tablet, PC and TV and have the advantage to run legacy Linux apps on the PC interface, while Firefox OS is not even meant to compete with Android and iOS yet, Mozzila is aiming on the enormous feature phones market first, and just then try to compete on the smartphone market....

Dan Hesse had similar things to say About Android when comparing it to Blackberry and Windows Mobile in 2008.

sgtkwol says:

Firefox OS is trying to be the new "feature phone" OS, while still being a smartphone. They are literally trying to kill feature phones.

smooth3006 says:

i have about zero interest in this as i pretty much hate ubuntu. id much prefer to see a fully functional webos port.

NoNexus says:

Lets see what happens in a few years. Choice is good, but there is such a thing as market saturation.

There is only going to be room for 2-3 choices for mobile OS. Right now it is obviously Android, iOS and Blackberry.

Blackberry might die out kinda soon (2 years max at this point) so that opens a slot. WinMO lead the next tier by itself then you have Sybian, FF OS, Ubuntu.

Obviously Winmo is the heir apparent for third but you never know.

smooth3006 says:

blackberry is all of about dead right now. windows phone barely is on the radar. so in all honesty its between ios and android. would still love to see a webos comeback under lg but i know its not going to happen.

NoNexus says:

Your right that BB is just about done, but Windows has the money and now the actual vision to try and more the platform ahead. They are gonna put at least 2-3 years into it and either be comfortable with 3rd or bail.

So there you go, 2-3 years for something else to show up.

Deolarte says:

will it be possible to sideload, ubuntu touch on the chrome pixel, and then run android apps inside the LXC (LinuX Container)?

zeromaru says:

They are still virtualising stuff, whats better ? (im a tech guy, but i don't get this one)

zero3187 says:

Originally they would launch android and the entire Ubuntu experience would be virtualized. Now Ubuntu loads and any android stuff you wanna do would be virtualized. It's like them taking off the training wheels but still riding around in the neighborhood.

mstrblueskys says:

Does anyone have a good instructional on how to put this on the Nexus 7?

D Shipp says:

Here is a link that will get you going https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install

mstrblueskys says:

Thank you!

toddjy says:

I like Ubuntu, or I did back in the day, when they were my alternate desktop OS. I'll stick with Android for now.

And if I wanted the same OS across all my devices, I would go for a Windows phone. Fortunately, I don't see the need to have the same OS on all my devices, since my phone is mostly for making calls, and maybe reading books. And my desktop (and my laptop) are for work and most games. (Unreal, and a game called Wizard 101. It's to get kids into quest gaming early.)

wagonis says:

This gives me an idea:

Ubuntu Touch + Raspberry Pi + touchscreen monitor = my new pet project :-)

Stay tuned folks...

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bigtank says:

Ohhhhhhh let me know how that turns out I'm intrigued

wagonis says:

I just looked up touchscreen prices and the lowest cost I found was nearly $300, so this might not happen as soon as I'd like it to :(

I'll scan around for a used one to see if I can find something cheaper.

tigeryee says:

I will try this on my aging Galaxy tab 10.1