Another bit of Star Wars gameplay for any fan of the series

More Star Wars games are coming to mobile devices lately, and the most recent release is a turn-based game called Star Wars: Assault Team. The game is a card battle style layout, where each player will assemble a team and fight enemies, all set with the characters and scenes you know from the movie series. You'll play through a variety of missions, using each character's abilities to move through the levels. There's even a player-versus-player battle mode where you can go up against others online to win extra rewards.

The game is free in the Play Store at the link above, and of course has in-app purchases associated with it for in-game content. The game style may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's worth a look if you're a fan of the franchise.


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Turn-based Star Wars: Assault Team now available in Google Play


Looks kinda silly having the actual card fight. Would be awesome if it were like Injustice where there is an actual toon associated with the card ...

Injustice Gods Among Us is by FAR the best game I have ever played on mobile. It's freemium but even to this day I have not spent a single cent on it And I still play it to this day.

I would like to see other franchises, star wars too, follow Injustice's path

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Hmm I'll have to check out Injustice based on those comments. Good to hear someone is making strides in new direction.

Just so you don't hate the game, grind with the crappy bronze cards you start with until you can afford a discounted gold pack. That one gold card, no matter who, will help get you through most the game faster than any bronze or silver card.

Or if you have the console version of injustice, complete the story mode on very easy, log into wb account. Then log into wb account on mobile and get gold "prison" superman to start you off


Don't even worry about amping up your bronze characters specials. Save every credit toward the 75k gold pack. And take advantage of the challenges.

I beat the game without spending a single cent. Now it's about collecting the different cards, especially the unique ones, and leveling them up and creating the "dream team" of characters.

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Oh and let me add... save up your energy refills! There's tutorials online regarding this and other strategies, but when it cones to refills, use them as a way to level up your cards.

Only spend the energy refill on the card you want to level up, and the switch out the other 2 cards with fresh cards. This way, you can keep getting that specific card you want to level up to constantly get xp points.

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I would rather pay up front than be nickle and dimed with in app purchases. So yeah, "Free" keeps me away unless it's a one level with a one time paid version for more levels.

I agree 100%. I prefer one-time premium as opposed to 'freemium'

IAPs are the bane of my existence in games.

I'd rather pay $10 for a good mobile game like Final Fantasy than a free game like Clash of Clans and everyone thats anything in that game has spent hundreds of dollars on IAPs.

I dont like that Joe Bob can be farther in a game than me after 10 minutes and $100 when I've been playing for a week.

I also don't like that I can only do so much in a set amount of time in a game (i.e. energy) and have to spend money to do more in that set time.

Free huh? No thanks. Free games are just full of paywalls and lack true innovation or good gameplay. Create a game that has all the content in it for a single price and I'll buy it, even if it is expensive, otherwise forget it. I would rather just play a game on my PC.