Don't get stuck in the middle seat for a long flight again

Popular travel service TripIt is adding one of its best "Pro" features, Seat Tracker, to its Android app today. The new feature leverages the fact that TripIt manages your flights for you and therefore can autonomously scan for open or better seats and offer them to you when they become available. Seat Tracker can help you get out of the middle seat, get into an exit row for more leg room or bring you closer to friends or family that you're flying with.

To take advantage of Seat Tracker you'll need the latest version of the Android app and be signed up for the TripIt Pro service, which costs $49 per year but includes several great features for the frequent flyer out there.


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TripIt brings Seat Tracker service to Android app


I'm looking forward to testing this out. Just playing with it for a few seconds already, though, it appears that the seat tracker service isn't available for all flights. I was able to set an alert for my PHL - ORD flight tomorrow, but not my PHL - SAN flight next week. Both are United flights.

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Go to the United web site and see if you can see a seat map for the PHL-SAN flight. For some United flights, you can't see a seat map because they're actually a code shared flight from USAir or somebody else. Since the app would only have the UNITED flight number, it wouldn't have any way to find the seat map.