Attention all photo buffs and Android fans: You now have a new option for remote shooting. Triggertrap just released the second version of its mobile dongle (appropriately called the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle v2), with an Android application to to with it.

The dongle's been redesigned, and it's now smaller, faster and supports more cameras. It'll run you $29.99, which isn't bad at all. The Android application costs another $4.99 on top of that -- again, perfectly reasonable. With the app, you get eight options for remote shooting:

  • Cable release
  • Time lapse
  • Bulb ramping timelapse
  • Eased time lapse
  • Distance lapse
  • Star trail mode
  • Long exposure HDR
  • Long exposure HDR time lapse

The app is available now in Google Play.

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Triggertrap fires up an Android app, new dongle for remote photography


Been with this project since July 2011 when they got funded on Kickstarter. Ironically, Google's great audio buffers is actually what prevents this from having more functionality, and has in turn delayed the release of this app at least a couple of months. It's discussed more on their website, but much cooler sensor-based triggers (motion, light, sound, etc) is something they're working on and their main product does quite well.

If you're looking for digital camera triggers, this app will definitely be worth a shot!

If you want to fire slave flashes, get some cheap wireless flash triggers. In fact, even if you just want to trigger your camera remotely, get some cheap flash trigger transceivers. At least then you don't have to tether the trigger to the camera. You can get a couple of different ones for a similar price as this.

...If you just have to trigger your camera with your phone... well, I guess there's this dongle thing.


I agree. This app is awesome. It's still in Beta, so there are still some little issues with it here and there, but does all the things this dongle does, and then some, for a fraction of the cost. I actually use it as my live monitor for when I do video work at weddings.


DSLR Controller is awesome. Works like a charm. Used it several times at home and in the field. Running it with my T2i and Transformer TF101. Haven't had a problem.

Now if it would just run on one of my phones, I'd be set.