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"Some say he never blinks and that he roams local woodland foraging for mouse meat. All we know is, he's called The Stig."

BBC Worldwide released an Android title back in October, known as Top Gear Stunt School Revolution. Back then, the title was exclusively available from the Amazon Appstore. An unusual tactic for launching the game, especially considering that at the time the UK launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire was still three weeks away. That exclusivity period is now at an end, and the title is available to download from the Google Play Store. 

There's two flavors available for download, one free, one paid. The free version doesn't come with all the stunts unlocked, but the paid version does along with 300 free permits -- the paid version is linked at the top of this post. The price for the paid version is £0.69/$0.99, which isn't a lot for what we found was a fun, if basic driving game.

One word of caution. The Play Store version seems to have to 'set up' before playing. This seems to be a potentially lengthy process for some, so something to bear in mind. Before downloading though, be sure to head back and check out our hands on video.

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Reader comments

Top Gear Stunt School Revolution now available from Google Play


Good time killer, couple of frustrating stunts.
Need to top up credits to buy upgrades required to complete later stunts(earned through success or in game purchase).
Haven't yet found how to exit neatly, no obvious menu options which is annoying.

Oh, and when you run out of playing credits, you have to wait three mins to get another (or buy obviously). So don't expect more than 15 attempts before recharging once the initial load have gone.
I mostly play on the toilet at work.

Damn, this google version installs alongside the amazon version.
(I have uninstalled amazon so wanted option to buy credits).

I would also like to know what case you're using. Trying to find a good case until the Google Bumper get restocked, but at this rate I think I have a better chance of seeing Bigfoot.

Ok... the graphics and actual gameplay are good. But the presentation - while pretty - is horribly organized and difficult. The initial "Setup" time takes so long it makes you think your device has locked up. And I can't find a way to play a level over again... ? The first level they ask you to do is jump a car with a wing on top. Where is that level so that my kid can do it!?

well.. frustating game.. in game purchases (even after paying for it!) not very fast and not that precise with tilting..

not impresses at all.. payed, played and uninstaled..