Top Gear, an iconic UK born motoring TV show that is beloved by so many. In 2012, Top Gear is more of a brand than a mere TV show, and has been exported around the world, including the U.S. A huge part of its appeal is the often chaotic sequence of events that goes into each episode. We're big fans of Top Gear here at Android Central, so imagine our delight today when we learned that an official Top Gear game landed in the Amazon Appstore. 

Yes, that is correct, the Amazon Appstore. An odd choice for the UK born BBC -- especially considering we're three weeks away from the Kindle Fire in Britain -- but a choice nevertheless. Check out our hands-on video above.


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Top Gear Stunt School Revolution now available in the Amazon Appstore


Will download, only and I mean only...
If I can play as the Stigg.

They say his reaction times are faster than light.
They say he was bourne unto the world with a stick shift in hand.

dang.. amazon exclusive again.. this may be enough to get me to install their crappy app needed to use their market again.

You guys are really making the worst videos these days. Just get to what we want to see, the game. Stop talking for the first minute of the video. Show gameplay! I don't have time to try and understand what Richard is mumbling. Play the dam game! Couldn't even watch the video, i just scrolled down to comment!