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We're back at it with another day's highlights of Android apps on sale. We're leading the way with Go Launcher Prime, which is free for a couple days in honor of the release of Go Launcher 5. (Keep on reading for details.)

We're throwing some devices and accessories into the mix as well, so be sure to check back early and often.

And as always, if you spot something that's worthy of a mention, sing out in the comments!

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The top app, device and accessory sales for May 30, 2014


Just grabbed Go launcher! Thanks! Looking for an alternative to Apex Launcher

Posted via Android Central App

So did I! But it was horrible, excessive eye-candy, VERY pushy about their other apps, and it managed to make my nexus 4 chug like nothing ever has. So I went back to Nova.

Wow that's strange...it ran so smooth on my Note 2...however I am not a fan of them pushing their other apps on my. I've been running Themer lately & have liked the simplicity of it. I was a big Apex fan, then went to Nova which is similar to Apex with just a few extras. I got sick of trying to come up with themes all the time so I went with Themer. I may play with Go launcher a bit this weekend but I doubt I'll stay

same here, my GS4 was extremely sluggish and I agree, the "Get now" on dozens of other apps was overwhelming.

Go Launcher used to be perfect. Light. Smooth. Fast. I don't know why they wanted to force all of their useless apps down our throats. Sigh. Oh well.

Posted via Android Central App

This. Go SMS was actually fairly decent, compared to the stock messaging app on my EVO at the time, but once I switched to the old HTC one I didn't bother reinstalling. It was perfect though when I had my mom's s2 for a while, since it let me completely ignore touchwiz unless I was going into the browser.

Posted via Android Central App

The GoLauncher Premium will be FREE only till June 1st, or once we download it before June 1st the premium options are free to use on our device permanently?

Right? I'm not really understanding the details. What happens if I Uninstall the launcher after redeeming my code? Does it carry over through a new install after June 1st by Device I.D. # or what?

Does GO have an app addon for notifications (that little number beside icons to show unread messages)?

Posted via Android Central App on the Nexus 5

Everything on that Launcher seems to be a separate app... I know the 'Prime' version should get rid of all the ads, but they pushed extra downloads so hard it just had to go from my phone.

I lasted about 20 mins. Tried to get everything customized to my liking. Then I said "screw this" and went back to Nova.

Tried it for a bit, gave up on it. Didn't like how each extra piece was another download. Tried KK Launcher, liking it so far. It has replaced Nova for the moment.

Do I have to be new to the app? I have had this for a little while and want prime. If I need to be new could I delete and re download it?

Posted via Android Central App

But I don't know where that is. I click preferences and then about go launcher then I don't see where toy put in the code
Using GS4 version 5.0 of go launcher

Posted via Android Central App

It worked perfectly thanks for all the help. Just uninstall and re download it.

Posted via Android Central App

I have had go launcher for a long time now and I rarely use it. I mainly use Nova but I did uninstalled and re-installed go launcher today to take advantage of a getting a free prime upgrade, now will I use maybe for a little bit to whats there but will go back to Nova Launcher because it's simply the best.

Long press on an empty space on home page.
Click Preferences and about GO Launcher and you'll see where to enter the promo code.
Good luck!

Posted via Android Central App

The GO team is from China. Be wary of installing their software. They do collect and aggregate data on you through their products.

I stopped using their products when they implemented their Prime "features" in both the Launcher and SMS apps. They basically got everyone hooked on those "prime" features by baking them into the free version. After about two years, they then they ripped out those popular features and made them solely available through a subscription based system. It was basically a giant slap in the face to their loyal users that did their alpha, beta, and early production release testing. Their business model guaranteed a constant income, rather than the one-time payment and then ad income.

Plus their inter-app advertising about other GO apps was so painfully in your face and frequent, that it wasn't worth the hassle of use anymore.

I was interested in trying it (can't beat free) but all these comments have changed my mind.... Thanks commenters for saving me from wasting time on it lol

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App

Did installing GO Launcher remove Nova or any other user-installed launcher you were using from your device? I swear it just did for me...

Just tried it, added a few of their other apps (Weather, Notifier) and then uninstalled. Seems needlessly busy and proprietary. I'll stick with Apex.

So I'm having trouble finding the preferences screen so that I can download the prime version, can anyone help?

Posted via Android Central App

I already uninstalled it but as far as I remember you open the app, click on the menu button, then on preferences and the last item on that screen let me put in the code (it said 'apply code' or similar).

I'm getting 10% off automatically on AT&T on my order, so I got two qi Chargers for 9.75 including tax! Free shipping, pretty awesome!

Posted via Android Central App

Awesome free Go Launcher EX. Been using Nova Launcher for the longest time. Ready to try something new. Thanks!