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We could start off today's posts with some sort of lame Friday line. Rebecca Black's always a favorite. Or maybe Katy Perry. But me? I'm still partial to Ice Cube.

And with that, we present today's best deals on apps, devices and accessories.

Today's top app sales

Today's device sales

As always, be sure to read all app permissions and check out the user reviews before installing.

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Russ Smith says:

Can you include the UK Amazon app of the day too?

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cgardnervt says:

I find this list each day to be pretty helpful. Thanks for adding this to the news area!

vividrich says:


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vgergo says:

Touchless Notifications Pro 50% off: $2.19 => $1.09

Speaking full screen notifications for driving + MotoX "What's up?" style summary

racingbmwm3 says:

I thought you were going to list a deal on an Ice Cube album :(

BillJude56 says:

@LifehackerDeals is also a good site for this kind of info.

Pseu says:

On that Fry's Moto G deal I'm seeing "Shipping: Unavailable" when I add to cart. Are they out of them? Or in-store pickup only (doesn't seem to say that on the ad)? Or do they only ship to certain states (and not mine)?

natefish says:

Just want to say I really appreciate these posts. Great addition to the site.

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