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It's Monday. The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting, and we're saving you all the money we can with today's top deals on apps, accessories and devices. Because that's what we do. Right now anyway. We'll do something else in a little bit. Right after lunch.

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Top app, device and accessory sales for July 14, 2014


Hear hear! I got an AT&T 32GB motomaker Moto X on Swappa last week for $265. Sure it is used but it was in perfect condition with all accessories, including the NFC clip and stickers. (switched from iPhone 5 which was fine but I really wanted to do searches and Google now stuff even when my phone is locked. If Apple introduces this and does it better than the Motorola X+1 then I'll switch back to IOS. I'm loyal to features not brand.)

It is $399 for most providers... Would you pay $399 to have a newer device and maintain your unlimited data plan?

Only device I would consider paying anywhere near that much for is the upcoming Note 4 and that's still a little too expensive. I would probably pay up to $300. I would grandfather my unlimited data with the new 2 yr contract.