Samsung Captivate (updated at left)

Probably the biggest fix in the maintenance update for the Samsung Captivate was with GPS reception. OK, it might not be a "fix." But Samsung is calling it "an update to improve the ... GPS performance," and, darn it, that's a fix to us.

Anyhoo. We had two Captivates laying around. So we updated one, and left the other one looking longingly at its brother, then fired up some GPS on both. We didn't see a huge boost in our short test, but the updated phone seemed to connect to more satellites and just a tad quicker. Check out the video after the break, and let us know if your GPS is any better in the Samsung Captivate Forums

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Testing Samsung's GPS improvements [video]


Whoa, the Captivate gets better than 30m accuracy even with the stock firmware? I was hoping the Epic update would fix this, but it certainly hasn't. I thought the hard accuracy limit was a Galaxy S problem, not just an Epic 4g problem...

lolwut? Yeah, the Captivate is showing an accuracy of 32 feet, which is much better than 30m (98 feet), which is the highest precision that the Epic will provide. Almost any mobile phone with GPS built in the last two years will provide a higher degree of precision than the Epic 4g.

Yeah, the update to JH7 did little for me. The vibrant's fix (which is ported to the captivate at XDA) works 1000x better for me. Cognition rom really integrates a ton of fixes well, better than at&t's version, as sad as that is.

With so many users using google maps with android phones, reviewers really need to come up w/ testing for the built-in seeing how many satellites are locked in different conditions (trees, skyscrapers, etc.), whether it keeps lock while driving a particular route, etc.

I've got this weird quirk w/ my Moto Cliq where it loses lock for 2-3 miles at a time at highway speeds which really messes up the navigation, but no one mentions it much (though they probably will if Motorola ever releases 2.1 for it...LOL :-)

I still haven't switched to android, but my BB 9000 locks onto GPS within Google Maps in just a few seconds at about 20m, and after waiting three or so seconds it immediately locks to 3m...

I'm just scared I'm going to be trading functionality for pure fun/looks ( I love the huge, beautiful screen on the Captivate).

I am in the exact same boat... I have had my Bold 9000 for 2 years, been a blackberry addict for 7+ years. But with the release of the Torch and is abysmal hardware i decided to go another direction with my next phone. I made a trip to the USA a month ago and fell in love with the captivate.

But i am a little concerned about this GPS thing. I use my phone at least once a week for navigation and it simply has to work.

I guess we will see what happens, i will have 14 days to try it out and see if it works, if not the try some "fixes" and if all else fails take it back and get a torch (i hope not).

Now if rogers would only announce a release date...!

too bad for you guys... WELL ANYWAYS my droid Incredible registers 8 satellites currently and is within 10 feet accuracy :)

Must be nice to have a GPS that works. On my Vibrant when I activate the GPS its like hitting the freeze button. I always have to remove the battery to get it rebooted.

My Touch 3g Slide GPS sucks it only detects 1 satellite if that. And on google maps my location is off by 2.9 miles. It has me on the other side of the Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach.

Is that a Sanyo VPC-HD1010 / HD2000 I spy you using to record? I have the HD1010 and it is a great little camera/1080p recorder. Stills sometimes need a little work, but vid has been pretty good.

As for Epic GPS - frankly it sucks for anything other than Sprint Nav. I use CardioTrainer to run with and it is almost .7mi off from an automobile recorded / Sprint Hero recorded 5K route I run every other day. This is enough for me to return to my Hero. Hopefully an update drops soon to fix this with the Epic otherwise I am returning!

Any advice to improve this would be appreciated.

Never really had any GPS problems with my captivate. I still updated and it may be a lil faster bit not too much.

Yes, it is gone for me too. The little BASTARDS didn't include THAT tidbit of information, did they?!?!? My GPS actually got worse too ... I MUST find a way to revert! I will wait for FROYO to update ... and if they remove the PC Internet option for that ... I will switch carriers, this is BOGUS!!!

Hey about sending one of those phones where it works. I would be happy with the one with no update since it picks up more then mine before and after the update. Ill look for the gps test app I am using the GPS status which is also nice.