Temple Run for Android

Everyone waiting for Temple Run to appear for Android, you're in luck as it's landed in the Google Play store. Stolen idols, evil monkeys, coins and everything else is there, waiting for you to grab your phone or tablet and give it a go.

45 million folks with iDevices are playing it, and they all can't be wrong. Hit the break for the download link, and be on the lookout for our full review.

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I'm going to have to break out a bottle of jack Daniels and chug to this one.

mclifford82 says:

"45 million folks with iDevices are playing it, and they all can't be wrong."

Weird. I would have thought the general consensus around here was that they all were wrong, because they own iDevices in the first place.

Not a consensus I agree with, mind you, but just what I've seen.

On topic: The game is okay, but quite repetitive. But hey, free is free :)

zonyl says:

I get the impression that apple PR cuts a check to mainstream bloggers every time they include a reference to one of their products. Google prolly isn't that coordinated, so the android writers need to subsidize a little of their income.

Thats what we should expect from people that get paid to write..

prediscover says:

about damn time. LOL

Why cant I get it

babybear293 says:

what device do you have?

babybear293 says:

i love this game! i played it on my older sister's iPhone 4S and i was hooked. however i had to stop because i couldnt get accustomed to how damn small the phone screen was. playing this on my evo 3d & i feel at home. i'm also glad my Kindle(running ICS) now has the app too. its gonna be a long happy week for the mobile gamer in me! :-)
i hope every one else enjoys the game. :-)

Yes sir on my 4.65 inch screen on the Gnex it's heaven. Excellent game...

moin1998 says:

Except that the resolution sucks for this app, or is it just me?

moin1998 says:

Except that the resolution sucks for this app, or is it just me?

If you can't find it searching for Temple Run, search for Imangi Studios.

DrDoppio says:

Why search, there's a link in the article?

Not everyone will be reading this article on their phones, and some people don't use barcode scanners.

jj14x says:

umm... and you think they will be reading comments?

jazzgeek444 says:

Heck, I sure read the comments. I don't use a barcode scanner and I didn't follow the link. Your condescension is quite unnecessary.

jj14x says:

"Not everyone will be reading this article on their phones"

Wasn't intended to be condescending. Felt it was odd that people who wouldn't read the article would read comments.

But if there are people who enjoy reading comments without reading the article, sure!

graymulligan says:

If at this point you're an active reader of this site, and don't have a bar code scanner installed, you're on your own.

DrDoppio says:

Cool, I'll get some change from Canabalt... Nice graphics, too...

myersjesse says:

I have a GNex and I can't find it in the play store either. I tried searching by name and developer. It works when clicking on the link above but its just weird that it doesn't show.

It closes when I try to hit run again or change settings. Definitely needs an update . Galaxy nexus cm9

Quite probably related to you running CM9. Works perfectly on my stock GNex. Worth firing your feedback to the developers :)

ibleedbloo says:

Not very smooth on my HTC EVO 4g...Cyanogen 7.2

imtiajmeah says:

Cound not find the app in Play... So I used the above QR code... its full of bugs.. cant move left or right in the game only jump and the menu screen still their when the game starts. I guess I will have to wait for an update to fix it. (HTC Sensation XE)

joshua.worth says:

What is all this hub bub about? Downloaded will check it out...

impulse101 says:

Wow its so much smoother on the Gnex compared to the iPhone. Plus now I can actually enjoy it on a high rez screen with a normal size llo

SgtShockah says:

No love for a stock Droid Bionic? I searched for Temple Run and Imangi Studios...it's not there.

technoweasel says:

"Your device isn't compatible with this version"
Motorola Bionic wtf

FYI, I had to download it in Dolphin Browser. Couldn't find it in the Play Store.

onyxflava says:

When I click on the link it is telling me that Temple Run is not compatible with my Droid Razr. Why is that? Doesnt make sense

ryanfoley613 says:

Wtf droid bionic not supported????? Garbage

rosser says:

I don't think they like Motorola

gtricecakes says:

No Razr Maxx? Really?

drb0y says:

Working perfectly fine on rooted and unlocked photon. No force closes like some people are having.

ejraney says:

Works fine on my Moto Electrify stock unrooted.

evilempire says:

Wow looks like no Moto phone is supported!! This sucks!! FAIL!!!!!

JustEric says:

Right above your post, a Photon and an Electrify, and my Atrix 2 has no problem.

I'm assuming by "FAIL!!!!!" you meant your post ;)

evilempire says:

Ok so I'm assuming you saw that the person posted their comment a day later. I have the HTC Rezound and it work fine, but doesn't work on my son's Bionic or my daughter's Razr. So that's why I said FAIL!! I did say all Moto and I was wrong. I apologize!

Jonneh says:

Works fine on my (Motorola) Atrix.

TurboCam says:

Says "device not supported" on my razr maxx,, too. oh well.

hmmm says:

A little off topic but on a phone like the galaxy nexus, with onscreen buttons, it has been said that an advantage is those buttons go away to give you more real estate in games and movies. Is that true? On my transformer prime, during movies, the onscreen menu bar stays but the buttons just turn to little dots so you cannot see them but I didn't get any more screen size, instead I just get a black bar. I would prefer capacitive buttons in that case.

Android_Lee says:

I hate to say it, but if the app works for the iPhone, it works for all of them. I love Android but getting really tired of "works for ABC dphone but not for the XYZ gphone". And this is coming from a long time Android user, starting with pre-released 1.0. :-)

JustEric says:

I hate to say it, but you're wrong. (Okay...I don't hate to say it... ;)

There are multiple versions of iOS, and not all of those versions can run on all of the devices. My son has a 2nd gen iPod touch; he can't go above iOS3, so if any game requires 4 or 5, he's SOL.

My daughter has a 3rd gen iPod touch, and if memory serves, she can't go above iOS4, which means if a game requires 5, she's bumming.

And, it's worth noting that the restrictions of apps vs. OS are extremely common, and due to changes Apple made to the underlying OS.

With Android, however, it's the developers that decide to publish or not to publish an app to a particular phone (Hulu, anyone?).

So...the problem is far more widespread on Apple than on Android, IMO. It's just that Apple fanatics typically upgrade once a year, so the issue is far less noticeable.

bjones521 says:

I just got an iphone and you must be crazy!! lol. I was an evo owner for almost two years. The second gen ipod touch came out in 2008. The razr maxx came out in 2012 for god sake! Its a brand new phone! The second gen ipod touch runs ios4. The 3rd gen runds ios5 which came out in 2009!!

I agree with the original poster. Thats why I left!

JustEric says:

I'm not crazy...you just didn't understand my post. :)

The limitations of iOS are more widespread, and Apple-induced.

The limitations of Android are few and far between, but they're developer-induced. There's no reason Hulu, for example, can't run on my Atrix 2. In fact, some folks over at XDA have it working...but Hulu decided they don't want to support my device. It's not a shortcoming of the device. It's a shortcoming of Hulu. And the compatibility issues are not that frequent...they just get noticed whenever a high-profile app like Hulu, Netflix, or some highly-anticipated game like Temple Run comes up short on the device support list.

My guess is that the lack of RAZR Maxx support has more to do with bugs the developer encountered and will fix shortly, rather than an arbitrary decision a la Hulu.

Either way, this isn't an "Android" problem...it's a developer problem. The iOS issue, on the other hand, is Apple's doing.

Dave4321 says:


gorgalis says:

Bionic fix! I can not confirm if the works for the Razr or other Moto modles, but it definitely does for the Bionic so it should for others.

Download the ARMv7 version.

xda link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1567077

download link: http://depositfiles.com/files/ift4qt7nk

ReggieTee says:

Works on my Epic 4g Touch. Also works on my rooted Kindle Fire.

jtemple33 says:

I downloaded it directly from the Play store.. after it installed it said "Please allow apps not downloaded from Play store to install". So I changed my settings. Did anyone else get this? It works fine, but I am sure that it side loaded some other malware because now I am getting advertisements in my notification bar -______-

Anyone else get this?

KTMKTM says:

Yea I fell into that trap too. It's a malware version that was released by IMangi Studios (notice the capital M) that is showing up for phones that aren't compatible with the real version. Installed two Temple Run "apps" on my phone.

mr nruz says:

im being serious when i say this what the hell is this game.

XavierMatt says:

Finally the Sims Free Play is avail for GNex, but can't wait to play Temple Run! LOOKS AWESOME!!

KTMKTM says:

Jerry can you please include a warning in the article to tell people about a second malware version of Temple Run that is being distributed by a fake IMangi Studios.

mofade says:

hoosiercub says:

Doesn't work on Bionic. *Isn't supported* there is a 'fix' over at XDA though.

technoweasel says:

the first (armv6 i think) link on gorgalis's xda thread link seems perfect on stock bionic

Dan29466 says:

Search the play store for "Temple Run" and it's item number 32 on the list. How does google manage to screw that up so badly? The search term and the title of the app are an EXACT FREAKIN' MATCH!

john20711 says:

It says your device isn't compatible with this version.
somebody help me please

rdelach says:

The app is incompatible with my Droid Razr Maxx and my son's Droid Bionic. Were they developing for Froyo? WTF

KillerG says:

I downloaded it on my Bionic no problem, but I'm running CM9.

Saying it's not compatible with my Samsung Admire >:-(

I also have a Samsung Admire and found a mod of Temple Run that works. Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?97yh4m5caomuuu5

KillerG says:

I love how we got this game as soon as it was irrelevant to everyone else in iOS. Anyways, I never cared for it before, and I played it last night for one round and got bored with it. I can't do repetitive, I need something that engages my brain.

I was disappointed when I discovered that Temple run was incompatible with my Samsung Admire because it has a ARMv6 processor. Until I found a link for a Temple Run mod that IS compatible with ARMv6 processors. Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?97yh4m5caomuuu5

lexi_9121 says:

Now it is time to get instagram for us next : ))

ratnesh1 says:

i have INTEL Xolo X900...
temple run is not compatible..why?
having android 2.3.7 version..i love these game..please