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One popular method of hitting up your favorite vBulletin forums -- including of course, the Android Central Forums -- from your Android device, is Tapatalk. While Tapatalk does a great job at hooking you into a pretty wide range of forums, the versions out there on public release don't include a dedicated Tablet app. There was a special version released through Samsung Apps for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, and we've known of a more general version in the works for a while now. 

It seems as though the finished product is almost ready for the big time, with the release of a beta version of Tapatalk HD into the Google Play Store for all to download and try out. And, with it being a beta product, it will cease to continue working once version 1.0 hits the Play Store, estimated to be sometime in late January. 

There are a few new features along for the ride, such a gallery view on larger forums -- ours included -- and push notifications. The biggest difference to anything we've seen before though, is the UI. As it's been specifically designed for use with tablets, we get a split pane view, adjustable fonts, and viewing posts fits the dimensions of a tablet display much better than Tapatalk 2.0. Grab yourselves a copy at the Play Store link above, and click on past the break for a selection of screenshots.

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Spork1673 says:

yes but how do you save a favorite still can not figure this out

littleemp says:

Login, then press and hold.

stoney73 says:

Press and hold?

RustyU says:

Quite disappointing that they're going to charge for a separate app rather than use the fragments API to create one app that serves both phone and tablet.

nemo says:

Can this comment be pinned to the top? It's very disappointing to see that the developer expects us to shell out for another app (which will definitely be much more $ than the regular phone app) instead of using Fragments.

Very frustrating.

+1000 on that. what a shame.

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icebike says:

Quote Ashraf Soliman: "I fail that ican found what i hop her"

Ashraf, Please see this news story via Time Magazine news feed, and take care. Maybe you should dial 911?

dougtheneard says:

Actually, Tapatalk isn't limited to vBulletin, it supports most major forum systems. The plugin just has to be installed server-side.

rap1 says:

Uhhh, Second picture. My daughter was standing over my shoulder as looked at that picture.

ectoren says:

Agree! Not to be a prude...but..."Real Sex Positions" pic app?!

icebike says:

Having tried it, I actually prefer using the existing Tapatalk 2 version on my tablet. Sometimes more is not better. Its actually more complex while adding no new functionality.