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One popular method of hitting up your favorite vBulletin forums -- including of course, the Android Central Forums -- from your Android device, is Tapatalk. While Tapatalk does a great job at hooking you into a pretty wide range of forums, the versions out there on public release don't include a dedicated Tablet app. There was a special version released through Samsung Apps for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, and we've known of a more general version in the works for a while now. 

It seems as though the finished product is almost ready for the big time, with the release of a beta version of Tapatalk HD into the Google Play Store for all to download and try out. And, with it being a beta product, it will cease to continue working once version 1.0 hits the Play Store, estimated to be sometime in late January. 

There are a few new features along for the ride, such a gallery view on larger forums -- ours included -- and push notifications. The biggest difference to anything we've seen before though, is the UI. As it's been specifically designed for use with tablets, we get a split pane view, adjustable fonts, and viewing posts fits the dimensions of a tablet display much better than Tapatalk 2.0. Grab yourselves a copy at the Play Store link above, and click on past the break for a selection of screenshots.

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Tapatalk HD hits the Google Play Store in beta


Quite disappointing that they're going to charge for a separate app rather than use the fragments API to create one app that serves both phone and tablet.

Can this comment be pinned to the top? It's very disappointing to see that the developer expects us to shell out for another app (which will definitely be much more $ than the regular phone app) instead of using Fragments.

Very frustrating.

Quote Ashraf Soliman: "I fail that ican found what i hop her"

Ashraf, Please see this news story via Time Magazine news feed, and take care. Maybe you should dial 911?

Actually, Tapatalk isn't limited to vBulletin, it supports most major forum systems. The plugin just has to be installed server-side.

Uhhh, Second picture. My daughter was standing over my shoulder as looked at that picture.

Having tried it, I actually prefer using the existing Tapatalk 2 version on my tablet. Sometimes more is not better. Its actually more complex while adding no new functionality.