Talk Mobile

Hey! You! There on the Internet! 

We've just rolled out the start of the second round of Talk Mobile, and we're going to start doing daily Hangouts once things are live. 

The first Hangout is about to begin (around 1 p.m. EDT today). Keep on keepin' on and join us!


Reader comments

Talk Mobile Apps Hangout! Come chat!


This looks like a movie poster for the unmade sequel to a popular 80's movie called "Five Dorks and a Pretty Lady".

Turns out you CAN have too much fill light... Why not just take the group pic in a dark bar with the HTC One and call it a day? It's pretty much just as annoying as a shot of everyone staring into a light box set to "sun".

To be fair, the lighting in that picture is very weird. It's like an airbrushed Playboy centrefold. Strangely smoothed out.

I'd have to agree. The subject matter so far hasn't appealed to me at all and the blog post articles just look and feel over-produced (ex. could do without the pictures of every participant next to what they're saying). This hangout and podcast thing are ok though. :)