Samsung Vibrant 4G

T-Mobile and Samsung have teamed up to bring a refreshed and updated model of the Samsung Vibrant to the carrier with a host of new features. The biggest is that the device will be capable of rocking over 21 megabits per second when in HSPA+ coverage. Previous HSPA+ phones, namely the G2 and the myTouch 4G, have only been able to go up to speeds around 14.4 Mbps. T-Mobile spent a lot of time at their CES press conference talking about how fast and robust their HSPA+ network is, even when compared to Verizon's LTE and Sprint's WiMax networks, so it is not surprising to see them bring a device that can take full advantage of their network. 

The screens that TmoNews got their hands on also point to the device launching with Froyo, which should give hope to frustrated Vibrant owners that are still on Android 2.1 Eclair that Froyo will be pushed out soon. In addition, the device will come with a front-facing camera and Qik's video chat app pre-installed along with T-Mobile TV, DoubleTwist's AirSync, and a copy of the movie Inception. All around, the Vibrant 4G looks like a quality device for T-Mobile customers looking to get the fastest speeds possible while on the go. Click past the link for a number of additional captures.  [TmoNews


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T-Mobile's Samsung Vibrant 4G leaked, does over 21 Mbps on HSPA+


nah, this is just a placeholder until the galaxyS 2 comes out. It should have launched with HSPA+ from the beginning.

It actually has less memory now and still doesnt have a camera flash. I can add the FFC to the original vibrant and im running Nero 4.1 so im on 2.2 android, so the only thing it has is full hspa+ speeds.

While I agree with you that it is simply claimed speed. I think we'll actually see slower speeds on LTE than what Verizon demonstrated.

Quite possibly. Verizon has never been know for speed.

Perhaps I just just get in line now for my Atrix 4G on AT&T?

LTE won't be as widespread as HPSA+ is right now for a little while though, so your demonstrated speed will have YMMV asterisks all over it.

Well, it's not really meant to be innovative, just a refresh. If they were trying to make it a new phone, they would have at least changed the name.

One of those pissed off customers is officially done with samsung and possibly tmobile...I had to install a ROM just to get 2.2 and that was after waiting so long for it...and I payed just as much for any other high end phone would I guess to get the actual phone I should of ill just dish out 500 hundred more sucks

So now this new vibrant will be able to get up to 21 mbps? So the G2 and mytouch 4g are not able to achieve this and be capped at 14 mbps? I sure hope not...eventhough all this is more than enough.

As a proud owner of the myTouch 4G this looks tempting. However I find it complete BS that they wouldn't make the myTouch 4G and G2 have 21 megs from the start. Why wouldn't those devices be able to achieve 21mbps? So does this mean the faster HSPA+ gets we need new capable hardware???

sooo... if something were to go wrong with my Vibrant and i returned it for a new one under warranty. would I get the hspa+?

tmobile is still advertising speeds u will never see. This phone will not hit 21mbs for 99.9percent of there users let alone 10mbs just because its capable doesnt mean the network will push it that far... smh

Can anyone point out a comparison chart of the current 4g networks, unbiased, pros and cons, when the network reaches its projected number of users.

I really hate you samsung, and how much it hurts to say this, I’m really starting to hate you too T-mobile. Where is 2.2 for existing vibrant owners? I will never buy another samsung phone again. Just another attempt to sucker more customers into their super amoled BS. HTC from now on.

I own a Captivate, I even found this I can only laugh at this Froyo/2.2 fiasco with Samsung and the

Samsung OWNS the Nexus S with 2.3, but they refuse to update their Galaxy phones, which are the Nexus S's twin, to 2.3.

This is why I would never get a Samsung.

Our price for the Vibrant drops to free on the 23rd, sooooooo...........

But of course, that doesn't really mean a release for this one is imminent.

This basically means that current Vibrant owners wont be seeing 2.2 at all.

Just think about it, Samsung wants you to buy this new Vibrant so what is the point of updating the old one. If Samsung updates the old Vibrant to 2.2 nobody will want the new version just for a FFC and some better speeds.

So Samsung couldn't have built HSPA+ capability into the Nexus S? Just proof positive that Samsung was the wrong choice for a Nexus device. Here's hoping we see a new Nexus device by this summer by a real cutting edge handset manufacturer.

Google probably had something to do with it.. and they most likely thought 7mbit was more than anyone was realistically going to ever see for a little while. I think they were more interested in seeing Gingerbread launch and NFC on board than HSPA+.

I have a G2 in NYC and I still have yet to see over 3mbit anywhere.. maybe 4 on a rare occasion..

Just because HSPA+ can support a theoretical max of 21 Mbit/s doesn't mean it ever will in the real world.

Sprint's WiMax 4g can support 40 Mbit/s, but we will likely never see that type of bandwidth.

I'd Like to start off by saying, this is why i'd never get a Samsung phone. 1.they show no love to there current phones. 2. cheap plastic feel. 3. hate thouchwiz.

now with 4G i can say Ive hit 12 Mbit/s right across the Holland tunnel in new jersey

Wow, as an owner of the Vibrant this is very frustrating. Why couldn't they have waited to release the thing and packed it with the features this thing has? T-mobile and Samsung are not rubbing me the right way as far as their phone hardware decisions lately.
Still waiting for that 2.2 Froyo update that we should have gotten months ago. :(
Still no camera flash. Fayul.