Swiftkey and Google Wallet

A couple of our favorite Android applications are head to head in the running for a win in the 16th annual Webby Awards. Google Wallet currently has a slight edge over keyboard app SwiftKey X. At the time of this writing, Google Wallet is up 42 percent to 39 percent -- a little interesting since the NFC payment app isn't all that widely adopted yet. Swiftkey, meanwhile, was our 2011 Editor's Choice pick for keyboards, and runner-up for the Reader's Choice.

"We're absolutely delighted to be recognized alongside some giants in the industry for our contribution to innovation in mobile," Joe Braidwood, SwiftKey's chief marketing officer, told Android Central in an e-mail. "It's a great nod to Android that two of their nominees in the innovation category -- SwiftKey and Google Wallet -- are apps designed solely for this platform.

"All we can do now is cross our fingers. We beat Google Wallet to win most innovative app at MWC's awards this year. With enough support from the fantastic Android Central community, maybe we can make it a second victory!"

SwiftKey and Google Wallet are joined in the Mobile & Apps Experimental & Innovation category by The Sound of Football, Moon Jump and Realizer, iPhone apps, all. (And all trailing by at least 20 percentage points.)

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Swiftkey, Google Wallet neck and neck for Webby Awards


swiftkey just pulled ahead by 10%. Honestly, how can an app only available on about 3 devices and having MAJOR security concerns possibly even be considered as a potential candidate??? Honestly, I love the IDEA of the app. But in practice, the app is just NOT a good idea unless they can patch every single security hole. NFC is just too insecure at this point, imho.

You're either easily misled or overly-paranoid if you think GW has "MAJOR security concerns."

Your actual wallet has more security concerns than GW does, not to mention other apps on your phone.

Why in the name of all that is holy, would Google Wallet be in the running for a Webby????????

That's just ridiculous. Just because Google makes something doesn't mean it's good; and Google Wallet will never catch on. It WILL be a wallet app designed by Visa and/or MasterCard that people end up using.

If you would have read, you would know that the category is 'Mobile & Apps Experimental & Innovation'.

I currently use Google Wallet on my Nexus S, and I think its great. I don't have a Citi card, but you can load the Prepaid card easily enough.

Why are you so mad?

I bought Swiftkey X, but I just don't get what's so exciting about it. For example, spelling a word wrong and then clicking back on it and selecting the word doesn't work correctly.

For example, if I spell 'board' like 'boaard' and auto-correct doesn't pick it up and then I go back after and I click on the word between the 2 a's and then click board in the word list below, I'll end up with 'board ard', I then have to go back and delete those 4 characters...the default keyboard for CM7 at least understands that's part of the misspelling and I actually end up with 'board'.

I like Google, but I think the deck is stacked here. From what I read, Google Wallet has barely caught on yet...

From the article - SwiftKey and Google Wallet are joined in the Mobile & Apps Experimental & Innovation category.

I dunno about you guys but in Jersey I can use google wallet a lot of places. Shoprite, Macys, home depot, 7-11, quick-check, rite-aid.

I do make a conscious effort to try to use it but I have had no shortage of places to use it...could there be more places sure...is it a decent start...I would say so. Also with the purchase of TxVia you should see some more acceptance of google wallet....

On another note, I would say neither of these options should win....the mobile chrome browser is a winner for me...love that app

Google Wallet has so many issues I have no idea how this is even in the nominations. People need to stop jumping on this bandwagon of "billion-dollar" companies = they should get awards.