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It's worth mentioning that for everything we saw in the Day 1 keynote at Google I/O, one "feature" of years past was noticeably absent -- there weren't any major jabs at Apple and the iPhone.

No references to 1984. No talk of a "draconian" future. Google just showed what it came to show -- even giving glimpses of the new and improved Google+ on the iPad.

Apple, at their WWDC event just two short weeks ago, didn't exactly display the same level of maturity. Right from the get go, during Siri's opening comedy routine, Apple went straight at Google and Android -- ICS, Jellybean, who's making up these names, Ben & Jerry? -- and continued the theme throughout the show. Apple SVP of iOS, Scott Forstall referred to ICS as a "dairy product", and once again claimed Google had a negligible amount of tablet apps. 

If that's so, why all the attention? Why not concentrate on their own products and take the high road...?

Now, the Day 2 keynote is today. There's still plenty of time for the barbs on the browser side (though with as poorly as Chrome's been running on the Mac recently, we kinda doubt it). But kudos to Google for staying on message, showing us some great hardware and software, and leaving the pettiness to the other guys.


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A surprisingly (but very much welcome) civil Google I/O keynote


Agreed chrome still does not run as good as I thought it would on the Prime even after the update yesterday.

It is nice to see at least one big player not use keynotes to just jab jab jab at others and instead come up with epic-ludicrously-fun ways to showcase true innovation in a world where innovation seems to just be about who can get more powerful in their next device.

I'm really glad you mentioned this, Phil. It's really showing that Apple is getting nervous over Google and Android's leaps forward. They're scared, to say it simply. If there were nothing to worry about, the uncivil presentations wouldn't be happening. I'd rather have the jabs than not, simply because of what it implies. But please, Google, keep it up with the civil presentations. You're really showing your're more mature than...the gigantic company of Apple.

Look at JB and look at iOS. Honestly there is no comparison between the two anymore. With Gingerbread they were both on more even playing fields with Android's only black and white upper hand being open sourced. Now, JB totally blows iOS out of the water with all the extra features and what Google is doing to allow devs to create apps that work with the new notification bar and how they are coding their widgets to become "smarter" over time. I can't wait to see the direction the mobile industry is heading in in 2-3 years.

In terms of fluidity and ease of use gingerbread was not on par with iOS in my opinion. I think ICS on hardware that can run it well finally matches iOS though.

Yet platform it self suffers from same problem as web development and it's hard to reach 65% with most feature improving API Levels from number 11 (3.0) and beyond and developers need to use API hacks to not disappoint those 65% of users. where iOS developers (including Google) not even consider support iOS 3 in there app which is age of Froyo (API Level 8, currently at 20% which is not number to ignore) and require iOS 4 from user.

Hopefully that PDK idea will solve a this problem at i hope Sammy will give me some jelly beans without me darting a phone.

Also JB is not so biggy update as Honeycomb and ICS which was complete UI overhaul, so i dont see now this sadenly make iOS uncompireable if ICS didnt do that already (In fact ICS gives what iOS had since beginning (including pre-2.0 hacks), optional consistent UI layout in form of Action bar).

Think the only slight jab at apple i saw was a slide whilst the russian sound guy and redhead were talking about how they want Glass to be seamless and not take your attention away from things. The slide showed a red headed woman punching away on an iphone while the guy was wearing a set of Glass and laughing with other people... kinda like RIM's current ad campaign in the uk.

Not particularly a major dig, nothing like the crap Apple dish out on android.

I noticed this as well and attempted to tweet about it, but that was the only thing that I saw that could be construed as a type of dig towards the likes of apple. I noticed that apple products were being used in the demos so there can not be that much animosity to display from a Google perspective. On the other hand, I can see where apple's disdain for all things Android is coming from. Especially with the stats that Google displayed in a giant (apple-esque) slide. apple is certainly fearful of what Android means to their future.

Desite apple's best efforts so far, they have not been able to slow Android's momentum down much if at all. apple must now play catch up against most of the CEM industry and in some cases against the Carriers. I can see the day coming were apple's overall mobile market share will actually decrease directly due to iphone to Android converts and not just the feature phone upgraders, BB, Nokia or WP converts.

In the past not so long ago all I hear is Google execs bashing Apple. Apple responds at WWDC and you cry about it, come on!! In the past Google Conferences they have always taken a stab at Apple. Apple has the right to take a jab at Google seeing as how they copied the iPhone, iPad and iOS. Microsoft is even doing its own thing today, well for the most part. On their tablet they magnetic screen cover looked awfully familiar, the look of the tablet looks familiar and their stores feel familiar when walking into them. But at least Windows 7 mobile and Windows 8 look like something new and not a copy of an Apple product.

Oh for Christ sake. You are still here mouthing off? You supposedly left for Apple right? Leave here too & troll in iMore.

Agreed! No one here wants to hear your opinion...especially about Apple or Microsoft. So why dont you STFU and go away?

Apple is historically, & this is a direct result of the chief petty officer Steve Jobs, a reckless bunch of insultists. Their continued elitism, even though they are the single biggest draconian/Orwellian company out there, is a joke.

It's comical to me to see the reaction of Apple fanatics over the Nexus Q for example. Their big gripe is it's overpriced. Are you kidding?

It's a MO of Apple -- there always has had to be an enemy. It used to be IBM, MicroSoft, now Google. Even their oldest ads featured a constant battle with an (imaginary) enemy. Clearly something's f-ed up with the company's DNA.

I made an observation and gave my guys are the ones bashing I'm just correcting. Swearing and name calling then starts by you guys not me.

Nobody is swearing at you or calling you names (yet). But you made a big production of being done with Android, Google, & Android Central a few months ago because of updates or whatever. So practice what you preached & leave already. Your continued trolling, just to throw jabs at Google & get responses, is bunk. Go away.

How about making more relevant and germane comments and observations instead of opinionated and baseless rhetoric? At a certain point, people get fed up with hearing nonsense and FUD.

Google is confident. There's no need for jabs because there's no need to look behind at the competition. Besides, there was so much going on that there was hardly any time left to talk about anything non-Google.

1 million activations daily. Three new great products (Nexus 7, Nexus Q, Project Glass). JB with all of its goodness (app security, partial updates, "butter" for unmatched UI smoothness, voice search and notifications eaons ahead of anyone else, maps with local storage - traffic - street view, etc...). Who cares about what the competition is struggling with?

I thought it was funny the shots that Apple took at Google at there WWDC. They do it every year, who cares. It's funny. Laugh. It's not the end of the world.

Everybody here has once thought, "what is up with the desert names", why is everybody mad that Apple pointed that out? Because it was Apple and not your buddy, co-worker or roommate?


There is nothing wrong with Apple taking shots, because when Google does it, we all throw our poms poms in the air, and shout "GOOOO GOOGLE" at the top of our lungs. So when Apple does it why are we sticking our noses in the air and catching feelings?

If you read the article, it was about the fact that what you said did not occur at this Google I/O event. Google has taken the proverbial High Road, this time, unlike apple and microsoft. The pom pom and shouting were strictly for Google and what they bring to the table not how they choose to belittle the competition's accomplishments. Thus showing that Google products are for Grown-Ups not children.

How soon a lot of people forget Google's own attitude. Remember that one "Android eating the Apple" picture? How about Google (rather ironically) portraying Apple as some Orwellian nightmare? Or making Apple out to be the devil incarnate (with all the hyperbole involved) because it insisted on real HTML5 standards instead of worshipping the one true god, Adobe Flash?

Civility comes and goes, and there's no guarantee Google will keep decorum for I/O 2013 -- claiming that it's become "enlightened" is a bit of a stretch for one show. Apple was much more cheeky than scathing, and when it was, it was pointing out a legitimate and deliberate neglect by Google of tablet-native Android apps (just ask Andy Rubin if there should ever be tablet-specific apps). Scathing was more likely to show up during the Jobs era... but that's not what we saw this month.

All things evolve in some way. Some evolve faster than others. Google I/O 2013 is a year away and a lot can happen in this industry between now and then. Who knows how Google and apple will feel about each other by then, but this would be a nice trend for Google to adopt regardless. It is nice to see Google taking the lead here as well!