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Sunrise is a new calendar app launching on Android today, which may very well have you ditching the native Android app. It smartly plugs into multiple services, like Facebook, Foursquare, and LinkedIn, as well as your multiple Google Calendars to provide a comprehensive look at your upcoming day, week, and month. Previous Foursquare check-ins populate days past, and birthdays pull in Facebook profile pictures. A strong web app ensures you can keep on top of things from your browser as well.

Though calendars are rarely the sexiest of apps out there, Sunrise has an extremely sharp layout. The transition from day to month view is wonderfully animated, and the way the "jump to today" button drifts towards the current date as you scroll up or down is kind of mesmerizing. Sunrise has enjoyed fair bit of popularity on iOS, and it stands to do very well on Android too. What do you guys think? Are you happy with the native calendar app on Android, or are you shopping around for something new?


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Sunrise calendar app comes to Android


I will absolutely give Sunrise a fair shot to replace the antive Google Calendar app. My first impression is very good.

I might consider this, but I've already purchased a key for DigiCal after giving that a try. I'm very happy with the integration and layout, and I get a better (for me) widget. It'll be hard for me to switch since I already made that purchase. :)

I'm sure I'm in the minority here but when it comes to my calendar I prefer simplistic and functional. I've used purchased several calendars but find style is valued more that function. I find the stock Samsung note 3 calendar just gets done what needs to be done. Enter event, select date and time, send invites and notifications.

Its actually harder than it appears. I make it look easy.

I like the Samsung Calendar as well, very no nonsense. However, I have taken to using Business Calendar because it integrates Google Tasks (the Samsung Calendar does not) and I really like template feature. P.S. any calendar app that does not allow an appointment to be copied to a new date is a non-starter for me, I am amazed at the number of calendar apps that do not include this basic functionality.

I too use a purchased app, Business Calendar. I'm very interested in seeing how this works, but I'm skeptical. Where is the money trail? Free app, updated constantly, a verbose website with calendar integration... How is this paid for? Are my candor details being collected /sold to support this?

I'm probably missing something and being overly critical.

I use Business Calendar Pro also and I really like it. I might give it a look but it will really have to impress me to get me to switch.

Business calendar is the best. You can't beat their month view calendar widget. It has been my go to app because of the widget for the longest time.

Does this work with the Google Now "leave now" notification? I find that I don't always get that notice from Cal if I set that up and I rely heavily on it for my commutes taking public transit. If Sunrise integrates with that I'd be willing to give it a shot.

I'm not to worried about it; I already have birthday's/anniversaries/etc in Google and don't track that sort of thing on social platforms beyond... so the integration sounds nice but is simply unnecessary for me.

Don't see any snooze option or a way to change notification sounds. But it's nice.

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Looks like a pretty cool calendar app. I like it's functionality better than Jorte that I'm using now but it needs a better widget. I'm using the Jorte widget with the Sunrise app now. Also noticed on my tablet that it doesn't have a landscape option. I had to put away my keyboard to set up Sunrise. Fix those two things and I will keep it around for a long time.

Ya I installed it I like the interface but if I can not sync my works calendar this is a no go for me.

Yeah what a bummer. 80% of my calendar is through work/exchange. I really like this layout too. Hopefully they have something in the pipeline for it.

I like the look of this, but I prefer a month view widget. I currently use 'Today' calendar.

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Would have given this a try if it had Exchange support, but it currently don't so I will wait and keep using the default Google Calender.

Great little app. For people needing Exchange support check out UpTo. Looks a lot like Sunrise and does everything and then some

I just installed it. I already like the Facebook integration. Yeah, say whatever you want about Facebook, but my friends aren't all on G+, so it's nice to see Facebook events on my calendar without me having to transfer that info over on my own.

100% of every single calendar ever installed and run on my phone did this.... I would have to actively seek a calendar that DIDNT automatically synch my Facebook....

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Does 100% of every single calendar ever installed work the other way around and display all your appointments on your desktop? I'm not being snotty, that's a serious question.

I use a Chromebook and I already like that via Sunrise it's displaying my Facebook events on the calendar.

Hah, no idea. I don't put stuff on my calendar really... Don't know what I would put on there. I just use the calendar to see the date and when my next paycheck will be :-P

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This is a beautiful calendar, I like it a lot. Yet, it is STILL a calendar made for those much busier than me. The only things on my schedule are facebook birthdays. I don't plan my life in Google calendar and I just want a useful, clean month view widget, WHY IS THAT TOO MUCH TV ASK!?

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I've been using it on my nexus 7 for about a week now via the closed beta, and I'm pretty underwhemled by it compared to the Chrome OS version as in the beta version I was unable to find a month view, currently updating it no.

Apparently there's no Tablet Support, but yet it works on my nexus 7, unless the screen size of the nexus 7 means that Sunrise Calendar thinks it's a phone.

I need my calendar to have a month view with event text. Samsung SPlanner was good and Touch Calendar is my replacement on other devices.

Nice design but lacks a few key features and a bit of style of function:
- No search, seriously?
- Only goes back 8 weeks
- No busy/available option
- No privacy option

When it comes to mobile calendar, I'm a bit of a traditionalist. DigiCal Plus and Calendar Status Pro have served me well, I particlarly like Digical's "week agenda" view, it's the easiest glance-your-week for me.

I already have it on my iPad so I'm absolutely excited to finally have it on my HTC One

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I like the UI, but Agenda Widget Pro is still the only app that shows my touchdown calendar :(

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I like Cal from The interface is simple, intuitive, and beautiful. I don't know how the developers managed to make a calendar look good, but they did.
It's notes section will store things in the stock calendar's description section which is great. I know that sounds weird, but I use keywords in the description to trigger certain actions via Tasker, so that functionality is essential.
I think may have just launched a web interface as well.

Absolutely shopping for something new. The stock one seems plane and unattractive, not to mention banal. The Samsung one is a tad bettet, yet too cluttered for my taste. I will definitely give this one a go.

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Like the Samsung calendars very much. Need exchange to work as well, which does with Samsung

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Since you guys try out every app you feature, it would be nice if you kept a check on battery impact.

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