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Even though many people still relate Apple's early success to Steve Wozniak, the tables have turned and it has been uncovered that he prefers Android to iOS now. If you remember Woz landed a Samsung Galaxy Nexus a bit early but he actually prefers his Motorola Droid Razr over the Galaxy Nexus. 

“if you’re willing to do the work to understand it a little bit, well I hate to say it, but there’s more available in some ways…"

This statement is huge, Woz understands that there is so much untapped potential from the OEM's and that the development community can do some wonderful things. Sure on iOS you can jailbreak and change some things, but who wants to wait months for the jailbreak to come out when you can wait a few days and any major Android device is rooted

In addition Woz says that Apple's flagship new feature, Siri, has become far less useful since being purchased by Apple, and that he would much rather use the Android speech recognition. While he still recommends Apple products strongly for purchase it is great to see his love for Android surface.

Source: TheDailyBeast; via: iMore


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Steve Wozniak uses an iPhone, but knows 'Droid does


But still uses his iPhone as his primary phone. Comment he made is being blown out of proportion. Android has some better features than iOS and vice versa, but in the end Android is just a copy of iOS.

Android is not a copy of iOS. They hardly have any code in common (except Webkit perhaps), they interact differently with the hardware and with the user, have a completely different philosophy, market model, and so on...

He can't. He's a notorious Apple troll that shows up here every once in awhile to advance his ridiculous and groundless claims.

Yep like how apple ripped off palm OS, even more since I click on apps on my desktop, they are all ripping off all desktop os's

I love when people say this. Please, enlighten me...exactly what was copied? Notifications? No...GUI interface? No....Open app market? No...It's a smart phone? Nope since there were dozens of other smart phones before iPhone. Swipe gestures? Although most would say a huge yes for this, unfortunately there were other products out there with swipe like gestures before Apple came along.

Apple is like a diamond cutter. They didn't invent the diamond but they know how to cut and polish it. In other words, Apple knows how to take EXISTING products and "polish them".

The ONLY thing that was copied was kinetic scrolling. Been saying this for years. Other than that you'd have to be a complete idiot to look at Android and iOS pre 5 and say Android is a copy of iOS. They are build on totally different paradigms. The iPhone is like an evolution of the Palm or iPaq. Android is like bringing a desktop onto a mobile device.

In my mind there were no smart phones before the iPhone. Did you use Windows 6 versions that was the closest thing to a smart phone and was the biggest piece of fail. Same with Blackberries, I used one for 5 minutes and said it was junk. Took everyone else in our org about a year to realize that. Go back to the early Android phones before the iPhone came out and look at them, they ripped off the blackberry! After the iPhone came out then they ripped off the iPhone. Android looked and worked the same way and all they did was copy the interface.

"In my mind there were no smart phones before the iPhone."

You've lost the argument in the first sentence. At least you are man enough to admit your ignorance.

they were plenty smart, just tricky to use. thats what apple is all about, simplicity.

with apple, they took the functionality of a smart phone and made it for dumb people, quite genius.

so instead of a menu and list of applications, apple made the main screen simply boxes to tap to open apps- and simply search and download all the apps from one place, the app store.

props to apple, but not a new invention.

"Not a smart phone in my book!"

What makes you think we care about your book?

There should be a rule. You have to be smart in order to have an opinion on what is and isn't a smart phone. That would leave you out.

You must have totally forgot that almost Everyone had a Palm Treo before the iPhone. Stylus and all. That was the first smart phone.

Then you've proved how invalid your opinion is, there were a bevy of smart phones before the iPhone with entries from Windows Mobile, Palm and Blackberry. Just because something didn't live up to your expectations doesn't mean it didn't exist - if you didn't like the Atari because the graphics weren't as good as a Super Nintendo after the fact, then we didn't actually have automobiles until this year - because cars typically advance in technology so the old ones lacking that technology must have not been cars.

So let's go back to the early iPhone...and look at how much it ripped off from the LG Prada, or how much the early Mac ripped of the Xerox Perk!

The fact of the matter is, iPhone's are toys designed to sell to non-power users who want to feel like one. I'm not knocking it as a business model - hell the networks have been selling the idiot masses complete piles of crap for years and they eat it up consistently - look at Lady Gaga and Glee! If apple can continue selling less functionality for more money than it's worth - then god bless them.



In your mind =/= reality.

Blackberries were and still are big. Sure, they're more business oriented, but not everyone wants angry birds on their phone (or even more accurate, not everyone's boss wants all their employees to have angry birds on their business phone).

You say Android before the iPhone. You DO know that the first Android phone was released in 2008 and the first iPhone in 2007, right? And with the exception of some custom Android skins (*cough*Looking at the Chinese*cough*) Android and iOS don't look alike at all. I'd say you could make a better case for OSX to have copied Windows...

RIM is about to be bankrupt.....or bought out.

And Android was around long before 2008, prior to 2008 it looked like a blackberry in hardware and os. Google bought the company out in 2005 I believe. You all need to read up on your history and then comment.

Did you guys also know that Google sold us out and sided with Verizon on Net Neutrality?? With Google you yourself are being sold to its customers that are spammers and advertisers, etc.

have we forgotten that google is primary an ADVERTISEMENT company? of course thats who they sided with, big whoop. Id gladly make the sacrifice of dealing with non-intrusive ads in order to receive a great experience for freeee

Smartphones that preceded the iPhone: BlackBerry (2003 for the smartphone model), Palm Kyocera 6035 (2001), Palm Treo (starting in 2002), Symbian had a touchscreen smart phone as of 2000 I believe. I haven't a clue when the windows phones were released, so I won't comment on them. All of these *before* the first iPhone in 2007.

Sure, none of these are as good or feature rich as the iPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy S2, but they're ancient. Today's iPhones and Androids will also look like crap when compared to a iPhone 10F* or anything running Android Walnut Brownie* in a decade.

*Not real phones or OS names, I'm just making shit up based on the fact that Apple increments the number of the iPhone (and sometimes shoves a letter to the end) and Google is going in alphabetical order and desserts.

The Treo can legitimately make the claim. It married a Palm OS PDA with phone capabilities. At the time it came out, the Blackberry was just a pager-like email device.

You only have to watch Jobs' presentation announcing the original iPhone to know how wrong the troll is. Jobs said that he and the folks at Apple didn't think that smartphones were smart enough, hence the need for the iPhone. Well, smartphones would have to exist and be labelled as such at the time for Jobs to even make such a statement.

The phones were all crap until the iPhone came out in 2007. Up until then they all sucked if you remember. The best phone at the time was the Razor that was just a plain old phone. The industry changed when the iPhone came out and then the copy Android came out.

"The phones were all crap until the iPhone"

How so? I used to have a Palm (and still do though I no longer use it) and I have to say it's exactly the same as the iPhone. The user interface is almost the same (a screen with a grid of apps), the input is similar (touch screen, with a touchscreen keyboard on the bottom, plus in favour of Palm since it had graffiti). The major differences is that the Palm let you expand memory by using SD cards, and the iPhones being newer have newer hardware.

"The best phone at the time was the Razor that was just a plain old phone."
Yes, because prior to the iPhone's release the smartphone was targeted at businessmen. As far as manufacturers/carriers were concerned normal people didn't need/want smartphones, so they didn't bother making/marketing/pushing them to the general populace. Back in 2010 I was still running into people who couldn't understand why anyone who wasn't a major stock broker or something needed a smartphone of any sort.

"In my mind there were no smart phones before the iPhone."

Quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever read. I had to go and make sure this wasn't my eight-year old playing on the computer. Okay, I'm putting the peanuts up; no more feeding the troll.

"In my mind there were no smart phones before the iPhone. Did you use Windows 6 versions that was the closest thing to a smart phone and was the biggest piece of fail. Same with Blackberries, I used one for 5 minutes and said it was junk."

That's all YOUR opinion, which you have a right to. Doesn't make it any less wrong unfortunately.

"Go back to the early Android phones before the iPhone came out and look at them, they ripped off the blackberry! After the iPhone came out then they ripped off the iPhone. Android looked and worked the same way and all they did was copy the interface."

Well, now you're just being silly. You're basically saying that because Android can perform the same functions as a Blackberry or iPhone (i.e. it's a touchscreen smartphone) that they (Android) stole ideas. By that "logic" Google, Apple, Microsoft, and RIM owe IBM some cash. They created the IBM "Simon" which was, technically, the first touchscreen smartphone.

I'm tired if people perpetuating this farce. Android from the beginning was designed to work with many different form factors (as you still see today). Steve Jobs took one picture out of context but he didn't show the whole picture of android. Look at the following video it will show you both prototypes (skip to the middle to see the touch screen prototype)...

OTA updates, voice recognition, notification center, multicore cpu support. The iPhone 5 is going to have 4g and a larger screen. I'm a little confused here. Who's copying?

Haha, Woz is awesome...

But really, his words summarize the quintessential advantage of Android: “if you’re willing to do the work to understand it a little bit, [] there’s more available…"

Exactly, but the gain largely surpasses the "pain". It's also very individual -- for some people learning and thinking is pain, for some joy...

I don't see what the disadvantage is? That fact that stupid/lazy people won't get much out of it? That's not really a disadvantage, it just becomes our status symbol.
Apple/iPhone : "I'm hip"
Android : "I'm intelligent"

The disadvantage is that people not inclined to learn won't buy the phone. They'll go buy an iPhone. And while that might make you feel better and more leet, those that work on Android and their handsets actually do want people to like their products.

I just switched from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S II, and I love it. I wouldn't go back. However, from what I've seen the fanboys on this side are just as bad as the Apple ones.

Being elitist isn't the same as being a fanboy, even if both are bad...

Android isn't any harder to use than iPhone. What you can gain with some extra effort are additional possibilities that don't exist with the iPhone, with or without effort...

What I find the most interesting from that interview is this:

"... people who are just scared of computers altogether and don’t want to use them ..."

These days, if you belong to this "computer-phobia" group, I have only one thing to say to you -- you are dragging the collective IQ of the human race down. May be some Android fans should just start a unofficial campaign to stereotype iOS users into such image.

I honestly thought that this stereotype already existed... but let us not start flame wars... there's place for everyone under the sun. IOS users for example are more creative -- something that probably comes handy when they're brewing my double espresso.

comments like these are far better than surfing Cheezburger Network... Nice way to start day, with a smile .... Cheers :)


I've been recommending iOS products to friends & family that are frightened of consumer electronics for nearly a decade!

Yes, and everyone who doesn't make their clothes must be too stupid to make clothes. And everyone who doesn't build their own house is too stupid to build a house. And everyone who doesn't cook must be stupid too.

I was in Niak once too, lovely people and scenery. Because I'm in Burning Embers they gave me a free phone or sumptin' tss tst

The fact of the matter is that they are two different lines of devices that serve two different purposes. The iPhone is an entry level smartphone. Its for folks that just want to make calls, text, view the web etc. and do these things ONE AT A TIME. I dare anyone to say different. The iPhone was originally designed to use only the apps it came with and the web for anything else. And it didn't have multitasking. These things were bolted on and it shows because you still can't easily bounce back and forth between tasks like you can on Android with the back button. And I've found that iOS users stray away from these types of scenarios. This is why its so easy to use to them. Its straightforward to do one thing at a time.

Android from day one was designed for power. Look at the powerful "all apps created equal" API's. The iFans love to say it was going to be a BlackBerry clone. Well BlackBerry was known for its power in getting work done. Power users wouldn't even look at anything else. Same with WinMo users. So its no surprise that the growth rate of Android almost exactly matches the loss rate of BB and WinMo combined. These folks want power and Android brought the full power of a desktop to a mobile platform like no one else has done....thats including Apple. Now might this be too much for some users? Yep. If you only want to do one thing at a time then maybe its too much to go to a desktop and open a drawer and find an app vs hitting one single button on the phone and being presented with all of your apps. But for the power user its a change to get the data you need out of your device in the way you need it. Its the power to truly multi-task.

Is there anything wrong with either side of the coin? No. Which side of the coin are users more interested in? Well look at the share of iOS phones to Android phones. Android tablets will have a hard time catching up for this same reason. Those interested in power aren't so much interested in tablets. The iFans can make all the arguments they want but its plain and simply the truth. No amount of "pretty apps" and "buttery smooth" operation is going to replace the sheer ability to do things.

Ah, the power-user myth. Generally perpetuated by those who consider themselves power-users.

The myth of the power-user is that power-users are productive, while others are simpletons who just want to see funny kitteh pictures on the inter-nets.

The reality is often quite the opposite. The self-proclaimed power-users spend their time figuring out how to ssh to their phones... so that they can... ssh to their phones. They root their phones... so they can spend their time messing with kernels.

There's nothing wrong with these things, but don't confuse them with productivity. Productive users don't spend their time recompiling their kernels, they spend their time doing their jobs.

And to answer your challenge "The iPhone is an entry level smartphone. Its for folks that just want to make calls, text, view the web etc. and do these things ONE AT A TIME. I dare anyone to say different.":

My wife is talking on her iPhone right now, whilst answering email on her iPhone, and reading news on her iPhone. It handles all this just fine.

Multi-tasking is quite possible on iOS. It's just tuned differently than on Android. It's tuned to give the user the smoothest experience possible in the foreground app. Yes, that is sometimes at the expense of background apps. MacOS has made this same tradeoff for decades. And IMO, as a computer engineer, computer geek, computer user, Android user, and former iOS user, this is the right tradeoff.

I've recommended iPhone over Android at times when asked my opinion by acquaintances. The main deciding factors are how tech savvy and curious they are. If they aren't tech savvy and/or don't like customizing their phone then the iPhone will probably be perfect for them as it's a dumbed-down experience.

Yep i make that recommendation every time I come across someone that I look at and say - "they couldn't handle using more than one button on a mouse." My mom and dad, grandparents - all of them I've recommended iPhones to because when I consider what they're going to be doing with it - it's a perfectly acceptable device!

Most people who like to tinker with their devices do it on their own time. It doesn't mean they work less; maybe they watch less TV. You are pretending to dispell a myth but are instead creating one yourself.

As to your wife, kudos -- she apparently manages to design interfaces while simultaneously talking on the phone, answering email and reading the news... wow!

I remembered seeing the article about Woz getting a Nexus when I checked Google News and all kinds of articles that were making a huge deal out of the comment and blowing it out of proportion. It was a "oh, you guys didn't already know?" moment.

I have so much more respect for Woz than I ever did for Jobs. When Woz dies I'll shed a tear.

Woz cares about improving technology for its own sake and our sakes, steve jobs cared about his wallet and his wallet only.

thats why steve from the beginning was a theif to woz, look it up.

I always thought him and Wayne deserved the reputation more than jobs. I was having a conversation after school with a semi-tech-savvy friend who bought a 4S, and when I said the names "Jobs, Woz, and Wayne" he only knew about Jobs.

Just like in the article, basically most people who buy iPhones and Macs are those who are scared of technology and don't know much about it. The history of it is included in that.

Good to see someone as huge as Woz talking about how great both of these phones are. I don't like the iPhone UI myself, but I can understand why some people do. It's exactly as he said, some (well...most) people in the world don't like complexity in technology. It's hard for them to got to remember that most people who use Android can understand more than the general population (or just bought the phone because it was cheap, or someone recommended it, etc). I think eventually the general population will become more knowledgeable in the world of technology, and that's when Apple will have to change their stand on their products...or just rot like RIM will and most likely Microsoft's Windows Phone platform if they don't push it harder. But Woz compared this OS battle right now to the Windows vs. Macintosh battle. It's very similar isn't it? And we all know that Android will win in the end because of it, but I don't think we'll be seeing Macintosh or iOS going away anytime soon, it's just not going to be as popular and/or having the most market share. The general population may be scared of computers, but most don't have the money to pay for an expensive phone or computer, and that's where Apple fails (and also wins, they get more money for those who DO have the money, and they just produce less). That's why older iPhones still sell.
I think Woz is a smart guy, and he knows what he's talking about. Android is a huge competitor, and it's not going away soon. Apple needs to work on something bigger than Siri (which Woz just shot down lol. I haven't used Siri enough against my Android phone for simple things like that to know. Google will continue to make Voice Commands better), so far their OS is getting old and stale, and everyone's starting to notice it (look at the battery life issues Woz was having). Apple doesn't seem to be interested in new features as much as fixing their problems with the current software, which is good, but new features and better old features is ideal (and what Android does each year).
Long rant, yes. But we're on a teetering point here...when will we see iOS start to go DOWN?

You first.

We obviously entertained you with our discussion. You are here. Now you want to get all that entertainment while still insulting those who provided it to you. How rude!

I don't get why people (generally speaking) think that Android is more difficult to use than iOS when, in reality, it's just a different experience. Not any harder to use.