Thank God. Because I did the last one four years ago and am still trying to wash that stench off.

If this somehow is your thing, you can download it here.


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Stephen Colbert reviews the Kim Kardashian app so we don't have to


+1 from Britain.

"Sorry, but this video is unavailable in your location. It's one of the detriments of living under a monarchy. But in case you can't give up your silly accents and move to America, watch clips at"

LOL, I still don't know who Kim Kardashian is. Apparently a lot of people don't like her though, so I take it she's not black, or people would've been throwing the race card by now.

Just because he makes a statement, which is actually pretty accurate, doesn't mean he's racist. These kind of scandals happen. Treyvon Martin comes to mind.

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It is actually a pretty racist comment. I'm pretty sure he knows who Kim Kardashian is also. Plus there's a link in the article directing you to the app and her likeness
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Not everyone knows who Kim Kardashian is. I didn't for a long time, thank goodness. Now that I do, it's easier to ignore that whole family.

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I think she's a reality TV star and appeared in Playboy, but that's about all I know. I could've told you she wasn't black by all the uproar. Same with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Although I DO know who they are, there's a reason why these two often get cited as the worst that music has to offer, even though acts like Lil Wayne and his ilk make their songs seem like grammy material by comparison. They are white, and so they're safe to pick on.

this app is so pointless and sadly people are spending money on it. I don't understand anybody that spends real money to get fake money for an app :(

I've played MMOs for the better part of 16 years since Ultima Online. I have never spent a single penny in that time outside of the box and monthly fees. I too don't understand people who spend real money for pixels on a screen.

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Pretty damn good app review! AC going to hire him to do app reviews now? :P LOL Good luck with that

No worries it will not get you killed, they are not that harsh around here. As long as it is on topic and not spam/inflammatory.

Stop being so nice to the fresh meat, the appropriate response is DIAF. Colbert would agree, down with coddling or something!

Honestly a solid well thought out Stephen Colbert game with a similar play style as the Kardashian one could be fun and hilarious.


I can't wrap this around my head, who is the their right mind would want to even read let alone download a game about this shallow woman, which I don't like a bit by the way. This world is backwards.