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They just keep coming. More and more developers have been publishing updates to their apps recently that apply the latest Android design guidelines. Starbucks joins the list today with an update to their app that brings a pretty noticeable UI redesign.

The new design follows the "holo" design language -- destroying the legacy menu button (which makes Galaxy Nexus uers happy) and replacing it with an overflow settings button. Tabs across the top of the app offer a cleaner look to navigation, and Starbucks simply changed the color scheme from default blue to a dark shade of green. The map of nearby stores is cleaner, and the entire UI seems to have received little bits of polish.

If you haven't given the Starbucks app a try yet, it's really worth a look. The app is free at the Google Play Store link above. If you're just curious about the new UI, we've got a few screenshots comparing the old (left) and (new) designs after the break.

Old Home Design New Home Design

Old Maps New Maps


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Starbucks updates app to follow holo design guidelines


I might have to update to this one. Been using "My Coffee Card Pro" the first Starbucks app. Lightweight and just works. Hasn't been updated since March though.

I too have been using My Coffee Card Pro - its been a fantastic app, and especially before Starbucks developed the android app. It is sad that the dev hasn't updated it in so long, it would still be my goto if he could get a little holo going up in there

You forgot to mention that it also allows for digital rewards now. Before, you used to get rewards in the mail. This is great!

That is the reason for the update: Starting today, free drinks are loaded to your card / app instead of mailing out postcards; you can now see the number of free drinks and experiation date; the amount has been reduced from 15 to 12 purchases for a free drink.

But yes it is nice Starbucks also revised the interface when making these changes. (I remember an earlier version of this app - it was a horrible iPhone port that crashed a lot and have inaccurate store information)

Nice little update. Definitely polishes the UI a bit and I'm glad to see more developers following the holo guideline.

I've often wondered how many people actually use the Starbucks app.

I'm a Starbucks junkie, but I've never seen anyone using the app while in the store.

By the way, I remember an article that I read about Starbucks in Korea. They once
tried a program for all-you-can-drink for about US$150 a month. They give you a
card with you photo on it. YOu show it to the barista and order whatever you like.
(in reality, you're limited to 4 per day... so it's like $150 for 120 cups of coffee)
Not sure if the program is still running.

I'm a junkie too, my gf and I both use it on android, I go once a day for drip coffee and get a free refill and a star - i lose cards but i don't lose my phone. I've seen a few people using their iphones and androids, but usually just the hardcore regulars. I bet if starbucks advertised it a little more, it would get a lot more use.

Started with the Coffee Card app before SBUX dev'd their own and I have to say, the Coffee Card app was leaps and bounds better... and honestly, now four or five rev's by SBUX Coffee Card is still probably better albeit I abandoned it. Even with this latest update, the font for card status is too small and there's plenty of real estate to provide a nice robust display of important information, the transaction function is horrendous - hey, how about a Run Rate!!!! but they finally re-ordered it to most recent first (before you used to have to scroll to get the latest buy and no way to reorder it in settings). So, meh... better UI? Sort of...

I use the Starbucks App on my GS3 2-4 times a week and the wife uses her GS3 to pay as well 1-3 times a week. Works great it is fast and easy. My friend uses his HTC EVO 3D to buy his as well. I have been using this app since it has been out and used the other app since it was released before, 4 phones now!

Been using this app since it was released. Great app and its one less card to carry in the wallet. Plus since I get a lot of cards as presents all you need to do is register the card and then transfer the balance to one card.

Looks awesome. :)
I was wondering, though. You know how the iOS version is tied to PassBook? Can't android do something similar? I know there's an app called PassWallet which is like PassBook for Android. I wonder if Starbucks(and other PassBook certified apps) can do the same.

I have an iPhone 5. All Passbook is a link to the apps in iTunes to apps like Starbucks one. And when its installed, it just lists as a regular app on one of your home screens. It does NOTHING, its Apple's "Reason" why iPhone 5 doesn't have NFC. What's funny is, this "holo" design is very similar to iOS, because iphone has NO navigation buttons.

Nexus 7 .......

Nexus 7, is not supported by Starbucks new app, updated, (Oct. 16, 2012), the Starbucks app, does not seem to support, 'Jellybean 4.1', and therefore does not support, Nexus 7, and other, (4.1 +, Android Devices); seems strange that a so called leading edge company like Starbucks let some Android users down like this, but they do seem to keep Apple users happy, with their most current software version, working hand in hand with their most current app, including any extra bells and whistles they may have thrown in.

Maybe the next update within the next few weeks or months will have the most current version of Android working with their app, I hope so.

I hope they will update to, 'Jellybean', within the next few days, (I wonder what the chances of that happening are?

I'm on 4.1.2 and the app runs perfectly on my phone... Haven't tried yet on my Kindle fire running JB, but all in all it's a great update.

I can see what you mean. But according to Google, as of Oct. 1 only 1.8% of devices ran 4.1. So they made an app for 98.2% Android users.