Star Command

Build a ship, get a crew, explore the galaxy, and find something to blow up

A particularly great space sim game made its way to Android today called Star Command. Players guide a vaguely Star Trekky crew through a wild and weird universe of adventure, upgrade their ship, and fend off attacks against boarding parties and heavily-armed alien spacecraft. 

Star Command actually made its debut on Android in the Android Humble Bundle last month, but it's great to see a wider release. Don't let the retro graphics fool you - the gameplay involves a little bit of twitch with ship combat mini-games, a lot of strategy when figuring out crew positioning and skill upgrades, plus the awesome writing will have you thoroughly entertained for some time. 

The download link is above, so get crackin' for $2.99. If the trailer below doesn't sell you, I don't know what will.


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Star Command brings spaceships, aliens, and hilarity to Google Play


It's really good but it's short and I find the replay value lacking. It seems they've left a lot of hints in there at future content but as of now it'll take no more than a couple of hours to finish the game. I suggest starting on the medium difficulty as easy is ridiculously easy. Really fun game and totally worth the price of admission (I bought the Humble Bundle for this game alone).

+1 on the bundle for this game alone and I have enjoyed it immensely. My main issue is that I only have my gnex to play it on, so that ramps up the difficulty a bit if only due to teeny little pixel star dudes and my giant non pixilated fingers! Still Worth the time!

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You're right, I only played it on my phone and sometimes I hit the wrong security officer or square. Definitely would be much better on a tablet.

Got this on the Humble Bundle and love it. Now if could only get Game Dev Story 2.....

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Going to show this title more love! Picked it up in the Humble Bundle and it's great on the N10. Scratches that Star Trek itch for me.

+1 humble bundle. Bought it the first day for this game. Much more fun when characters are given spoof Star Trek names. Very entertaining but short linear story line.

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I love this game. I bought the Humble Bundle to get it but I bought again to support the devs, it's that good. I really hope they expand this game a little, which I'm guessing they will because there are a few parts that say "coming soon." I'm excited to see what they add to this already great game.

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I loved the game and also got it through Humble Bundle. Definitely better on a larger screen. It's just begging for additional content.

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