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Already a popular application on the iPhone; St John Ambulance are proud to announce today that the application is now available for us Android users for free in Google Play.

On the unfortunate, off chance that you come across a medical emergency, the application will assist you in the right and wrong procedures to carry out. Or alternatively, it may just make for a good read just in case your medical skills are ever required. The ‘St John Ambulance First Aid’ app for Android follows a successful launch on Apple devices in 2010, where it has been downloaded over 136,500 times and has an iTunes rating of four stars.

Sue Killen, CEO, St John Ambulance, said: ‘Up to 140,000 people die each year in situations where first aid could have given them a chance to live. Even basic first aid saves lives and it’s our mission to ensure that more people have these skills. There is no substitute for learning first aid comprehensively by attending a first aid course but this app will make it easier for people with no training to be able to save a life. Now that it is launching on Android, we are making this simple, life-saving advice even more accessible.’

The app is already proven to be life saving after a mother was able to save her choking baby’s life by recalling information she’d absorbed from the app.

Got to be worth checking out. Incidentally, I shall be offering free mouth-to-mouth sessions at a location to be announced soon!


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St John Ambulance life saving application comes to Android


Very simple, generic information, and the phone numbers listed seem to apply to England (Europe?) and not the US, so people should be aware of that.

Does anyone know if the emergency numbers they give work in the US (999/112 for ambulance).

The first line in the description is "Every year, nearly 150,000 people die in England and Wales in situations where first aid could have given them a chance to live." I think it's safe to assume that this app is targeted toward Britons and made by a British company.

I'm pretty sure the emergency numbers won't work in the US. We use 911 almost exclusively for emergencies. Though, I remember years back that cell phones were supposed to use *999 instead of 911 for some reason, but that stopped a long time ago.

I noticed that too, and actually just sent an email to the developers suggesting a US localized version saying 911 instead. If the app is getting popular enough to be mentioned on the front page of AC, it might be time to start localizing the app for different areas. It seems to me that aside from language translation, all they need to change for other countries is whatever the local emergency phone number is. It doesn't matter if you speak English, Urdu, or Japanese, the Heimlich maneuver is still performed the same.

I know this is just a nitpick and that this app should serve its purpose just fine as-is, but is anybody bothered that they didn't bother to change the UI to fit the Android UX at all? The UI looks like it came straight off the iPhone. It's pretty ugly, imo. I realize that a first aid app should focus on the whole life-saving thing, but it's not like there isn't an entire website devoted to Android UI design. They could have used it just like everyone else.

On my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 I had to reset my phone to terminate the app.

They definitely need to fix the UI. I can handle issues with Phone number, etc. Most likely I would be needing to use it in Russia or China in any case :)