Samsung Transform

The Samsung Transform has surfaced in a picture that displays some of Sprint's upcoming phones. Little to no information has been released relating to the Transform, which is intriguing enough. To make the leak more interesting, however, the device looks exactly like the recently released Epic 4G

Sprint is the only U.S. carrier to release its version of the Samsung Galaxy S with a QWERTY keyboard, so perhaps it wants to release a touchscreen-only option? The timing seems strange, but we'll keep our ears open. Until then, anyone's guess is as good as ours as to possible specs and potential release date of the Transform.

Oh, by the way, there's another look at the Kyocera/Sanyo Zio with Sprint branding that we first showed you at Radio Shack. [Engadget]

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Go Android! says:

This phone passed through the FCC not too long ago. I'm guessing it has a keyboard and it "transforms" somehow.

dwt10 says:

Wow. Seems like sprint is really desperate to be top dog it kinda bothers me a bit

it. says:

Sprint FTW! I like them as the #3 carrier though. They're the underdog with less network congestion and cheap unlimited plans

benthe1 says:

The only reason I can think that you would be mad is because you don't have Sprint....

deaofly says:

Is it me or do the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th phones have a camera at the top of the phones? Not sure as the pic is not clear. Maybe they are the cheaper 4g phones, that would be very good for an average person who does average things with there phones. Front facing cameras make a good way to take self pics.

douglas#AC says:

The Kio and Curve 9330 don't have front facing camera, what your seeing in the picture is the led indicator. Probably is the same for the Transform.

deaofly says:

Ok maybe not the Sanyo but the Samsung and blackberry mitt have a front facing camera. Its late so my eyes might be lazy. Lol

f4systems says:

Since it doesn't have 4G in the name maybe this is being released for those of us that don't live in the area with 4G service. Better yet maybe this could be a version that doesn't have 4G normally but can be "transformed" to 4G if you want the capability.

tx_dbs_tx says:

comment on wrong reply

hampstenj says:

humm it DOES have a bit of a Galaxy S look to it... and if it was a querty keyboard Sprint typically shows them with the keyboards out in the promo materials..

tx_dbs_tx says:

This is very true. If it did have a slide qwerty keyboard, it would most likely be pictured with it slid open as every other slide qwerty phone has been advertized in the past. I bet money this phone has no slide out qwerty keyboard which is a very good thing.

jelly roll says:

those are probably just led lights (sigh)

bipoler#AC says:

No camera just a sensor light on the blackberry

it. says:

I'm really hoping this is a high end Android device. A Galaxy S without a keyboard or a galaxy s without 4G would be great on Sprint!

saleen2002 says:

id pick this phone up if it didnt have the slide out keyboard. that is one thing i did not like about the epic. it felt cheap and too much plastic

crxssi says:

So get an Evo then.

shmigga says:

This phone definitely looks more like the Fascinate with a front facing camera than an Epic without a keyboard. Sprint could definitely use a galaxy S phone without a keyboard imho.

Coolaaron88 says:

The interface looks reminiscent of Stock Android imho

youngzayiles says:

I think it's a lil silly to have them both. I think they should have went with a different phone.. Another powerhouse..

Mikey47 says:

A little digging turn this up:

Sounds like it is an Epic 4G with no 4G, no front facing camera (on a rear facing 3MP AF camera).

So, I think it is a lower end Galaxy S. Most likely meant to replace the Moment.

tx_dbs_tx says:

The samsung phone in the picture does not look like the epic 4g at all. However it does resemble the Samsung vibrant on T-Mobile. I do like the design of this phone without the slide out qwerty keyboard over the epic 4g. Too bad it has a lot of wsted space on the front of the phone where there is obviously plenty of room for a larger screen. Instead we have to look at stupid carrier/manufacturer logos that take up way too much room. The EVO is better designed in this respect.

The Transform has a keyboard, just an FYI....:) wish it didn't either. I work for Sprint, have the Evo, my counterpart has the Epic, the color difference is crazzzzzzy!

moises1204 says:

hell yea thats the phone i want, no sliding keyboard yea.

aznmode says:

It looks to me like it's a sprint version of the fascinate. It looks totally like one. With the exception that the sensors on the fascinate is one the left side of the ear piece. So it could very well be a camera that is on the right side. The hole is too big to be just a proximity sensor.

gamepete64 says:

It looks like Vanilla Android from the looks of the Status Bar. Dear God I hope so.

drizek says:

The white status bar can only mean one thing: No AMOLED.

Samsung made the Epic status bar black in order to prevent AMOLED from getting burn in. THe Galaxy Tab has a white interface and a standard LCD, and this thing probably does as well.

It is interesting to think about whether it is worth returning the Epic for, but it really does seem like a lower end device. I would definitely bet that it doesn't have a 16GB SD card, for example.

Zindoh says:

Looks like the same phone as the fascinate.

pegb856 says:

This is for the comment in the article about the transform looking identical to the Epic 4G. This phone is squarer at top and bottom, it does not have the Epic's roundness.

I read somewhere that the transform is rumored to be the true replacement for the Samsung Moment, I guess we'll have to wait and see if that's true or not.

Also, the little flip phone and the Blackberry 9330 have already been released so I'm guessing the last 2 will be rolling out soon. Very exciting for us Android lovers.

edit: I just found some unofficial information on the Transform and it appears to be touch only, no physical keyboard, so it can't really be considered a replacement for the Moment.

r-nice says:

Could be an Android successor to the Instinct.

qdigga says:

4" SAMOLED screen, no keyboard, sounds interesting... It's hard to keep up with the new androids the carriers are pushing out. EXACTLY the reason I haven't upgraded my Hero yet (been months of waiting). Was going to this week, but might wait even longer to see what comes down the road by the holidays...

rizzay1 says:

Looks like the samsung instinct

vnv01 says:

The FCC filing has been out for a month now.. EVDO, keyboard, 3MP AF Camera, WLAN, and Blutetooh... no ffc, no 4G.

this is the Moment 2 that was rumored back in April of this year.

Jaggrey says:

Isn't the Intercept's texting interface the same? If it is then this prolly isn't a Galaxy S phone.

Looks like the old Instinct to me, just transformed into an Android version. At least it has a chance of coming out w/ 2.2

lancehart says:

As long as it's got 2.2 and no 4G (and no $10 fee) to deal with, I think I may have found a replacement option for my Hero.

Nreeldeep says:

Looks very much like the Epic. Same rounded corners. Same insignia. Same capacitive button layout. If it doesn't have a keyboard I'll be looking at one for my girl's holiday gift.

ThomasT626 says:

I was hoping something like this would be coming to Sprint soon. They've got the top 2 smartphones out, but the 4g fee's a bummer and they need a better lineup of 3g phones that can run Froyo. This look to be it. May sell my Epic for this...