I'm finally seeing some daylight as the pile of stuff in my office gets smaller, but there is one last thing that needs to go -- a Sony NSZ-GZ7 Google TV set-top box. Almost a year after release, it's still one of the most capable Google TV units we've tried (and we've tried a bunch), and there is still plenty of life left in this one even after daily use for almost a year.

To win, you need to enter, and that's easy enough. Leave a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll shut the comments down and pick a winner. We use the email you registered with here at AC to contact you, so make sure it's valid and that you check it from time to time. 

Tomorrow, I'll announce all the spring cleaning winners here on the blog. Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win a Sony NSZ-GZ7 Google TV player


This would make a great Late- Fathers day gift for my Dad! hes tired of his Panasonic Bluray player freezing up every 5 minutes and i've been pushing him to get a Google TV to stream content off of!

I would love to try out Google TV. Thanks for the contest.

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I can't wait to get Google TV. This would compliment my Nexus devices quite well.

The only people who don't need a Google TV are the ones who have it. I don't have one, so I need to win this one.

I'd really love to score a GTV unit. Been on the fence for over a year now waiting for it to mature. This is the closest I've seen it get yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

The odds are getting really bad, but I am still going for it. Let that baby come to me and I'll put to good use ;-)

Can never have enough Google TV options. Count me in.

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I've never even seen Google TV in person. I hope I win. I'd love to see what it's capable of, and it would be great for the film club I'm a member of when I host.

Saw this at a family members house, very impressed. Trying to justify another gadget to the wife, entering this competition seems like a no brainer.

Keep up the good work AC.

This would definitely replace the roku in my living room.

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My Revue is starting to go wonky on me, so I could really use a new(ish) gtv box!

I've been wanting a Google TV since it was first announced. It'll be even better now that I have All Access.

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So please give me this so I can sing it out loud ~the guy in his PJs

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Ugh, that reminds me, I have to clean out my classroom, and my desk! The Sony would be a nice upgrade to my Logitech.

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daamn i'm not into google tv devices much but that is something i didn't know and maybe it would be perfect to internetize my parents more. only 2 of those on my local ebay :D

I loved my Logitech Revue before its hdmi port died. Would love to replace it with this Sony!

New to Android, directly from Symbian OS (Nokia). Never thought I'd see the day! Moved to pure Android by means of Nexus 4. I'm loving it!

Well, here's my attempt to win a Google TV device, my first ever. If I win, it's the first thing I've ever won that's worth more than a couple bucks. Crossing my fingers!

I would be the best friend Ever if I won one for my friends bday. Fingers crossed!!!!

Wow over 1000 people want a Sony GTV. I have been wanting one so I can give my Logitech to my mom. Waiting on JB 4.2.2 to purchase one. Hope I can win one!

Thanks Jerry! I would love a Google TV box to complete my home entertainment setup!

Ye olde Revue is definitely showing its age in my entertainment center... Just sayin'...

Id be lost without AndroidCentral .. just as lost that I am now without my GoogleTV that was stolen, so winning this would be awesome!

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I currently have the old version of this one and I love it! There's nothing else u would love but to get an upgrade so I can continue enjoying all the beauty of Google. Bless!

I've tried the favi stick and, although a good idea, it wasn't executed very well mostly due to underpowered components. I would love to try this Google TV box!

I have a first generation Logitech Google TV. I love it, but it's definitely starting to show it's age. I would love an upgrade.

This would be awesome. Jerry, asks for doing all of these giveaways. We really appreciate it!

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My whole entertainment stack used to be Sony...would love to get a bit more Sony hardware back in there :)

I was going to buy an apple tv but I've heard some good things about Google tv. Would love to have one. Just switched from an iPhone to android and would love to ditch Apple for good.

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I love how most the articles have little to no comments...have a free giveaway on a used product and all the scrubs come flocking in!!! Lol

Hook me up, PLEASE! I could really use a W right about now.

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I would love to win this so that my girlfriend will be able to use it while I am deployed, since I will be taking my tablet with me. Lol

I would love to win this so that my girlfriend will be able to use it while I am deployed, since I will be taking my tablet with me. Lol

I want one - i wish they would add this ability to the PS4! Or the PS3 since i have that already...

I would LOVE to win a google TV. I need a box to bring Plex to my living room! Pick me! Pick Me! Pretty please?

Would love to have the Sony Google TV player sitting between my Directv and my TV! (that remote keyboard looks pretty sweet.)

Yep this would look great sitting next to my tv on the tv stand. I already have a place for it.

I'd love a google tv so I can show my wife how much her apple tv sucks.

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