Samsung BT S Pen

Here's one you don't see every day. I've had this Samsung BT S Pen on my desk for months now. It's a larger S Pen than you get with the Galaxy Note 2 or Note tablets, and it also serves as a Bluetooth headset. Not a particularly great one -- I've tried it -- but it at least works.

You know the drill. Leave a comment on this post, and we'll pick a winner after midnight EDT tonight. We'll announce all the winners later this week.


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Spring cleaning: Win a Samsung BT S Pen


Do I "need" this pen? Probably not. BUT, I'm always looking for a new "toy" to play with. PLEASE CONSIDER ME!

I would love something like this. I absolutely love taking my notes with my Note 2, with Papyrus. Hope I get it!

I lost my S Pen last week and have been waiting on buying a new one. Now i know why, to win this one!

My Note 2 just left me a message saying that if I don't get a BT S Pen it's going to make me use Facebook Home. Please save me.

I missed the 1st two spring cleaning contests... keeping my fingers crossed on this one :-D

I just purchased my very first Android
Device ( Samsung Galaxy s4 )
after over 4 years of all Apple iPhone's...
Love my new Samsung Galaxy s4 and perhaps try out the sPen ...thanks and good luck

I recently got myself a new Samsung Note 8.0 and love it, but have been on the search for a bigger stylus. What's better than one that plays music!

Android Central, we have a problem: My Note 2 stylus is malfunctioning and it doesn't look good.

Android Central, we have a solution: BT S Pen.


How freaking cool, not only do I get the BEST Android information here, now a chance to win free stuff!! I am keeping my fingers crossed, thanks :)

I would use this the most. I got my Note 2 a week ago and our new puppy chewed up the pen on the second day. Awesome phone.

I just partook (is that the right word???) of the Note 2 goodness... and would love a nice shiny pen with BT to go along with it.

God bless you feel forgetting the sob story...

It's a contest. We want to win. Don't need to know how you'll use it or what other Saintly act you'll probabaly never do lol

WOOT WOOT WOOT!!! Unlocked Note 10.1 3G needs this!!! Tough to always use speakerphone or a BT headset...:-D

I could perfectly use it as the standard S-Pen of my Galaxy Note 10.1 really gets uncomfortable after a while when I am taking notes in the University :)

Whaaaat?! I never knew this existed! I love things that do two things! Like Transformers. Bluetooth in disguise!

I could really use this pen, a bluetooth device that I would almost always have on me. It's a win win, so let me win. :)

My Samsung galaxy note 2 would apreciate this pen cuz he would love to be used to draw more often and precise with this one XD good luck to everyone!

Everyone above and below me deserve nothing...! Thanks again
I will post later on, to let everyone know how nice it is

I love my Note 2 and use it for work with th ecmobile app. My customers sign my phone and a heavy duty S pen would be great.

I have never one not one time on this site. But this would go great on my Galaxy 10.1 tab
Either way, i wont win, but ill jsut leave this here anyway

Now that I've upgraded my Original Note to Jelly Bean, I definitely need a new S-Pen. Thanks in advance!

Love these guys. How do I get a job where I get to play with all the badass toys before they're released?

I want it,and while you're at it can you spot me a tablet as well? Thanks you're a peach

I thought about getting one of these but after getting the spen with eraser and the one from bamboo I think the wife would kill me. Winning one however, nothing she can do about it! :)

I'm an electronics engineer, and I use my note 10.1 every day at work for marking schematics and documents. I also use it for VoIP calling, so this would be great for me. I hope I win!

This would be so great as best buy stop selling the regular spen holder kit this would help in so much when having someone sign documents on my note 2 or 10.1.... I certainly hope I get picked

I would love it cause today is my birthday! I also own a Samsung Galaxy Note II so it would most definitely come in handy!

As a recent convert from webOS to Android, this Samsung BT S Pen would be a great "welcome to Android" gift.

HP Palm Pre 2 -----> Samsung Galaxy Note II

I loved my Galaxy Note 2 so much I went out and bought a Galaxy Note 10.1, I keep losing the darn pens, was wishing I had a larger one to put in my pocket, this would work great. PICK ME PICK ME, I'll USE THE DAMN THING!!!!!

Hey I have a note 2 and I like to actually use my s pen to draw little cartoons called ghetto birds. Although they may be a bit vulgar at times a lot of people like them any who I'm sure a larger s pen would make my drawings better. So AC hook me up please.

My 4y old daughter would probably like this to practise her writing on preschool childrens writing practise android apps. Presently she finger paints but occassionally uses the s-pen but something thicker might be more comfortable i guess. By the way is this contest open for people living in the UK or is this open only for USA residents

If I win this then, that will be a good motivator to pick up a note line product: note 3 or a note tab.

Even the littlest things can be great. I'd love to win because I'd definitely use this for drawing and taking notes. :)

I'd replace my Note II pen with this model.

Happy Moms day to the Mothers out there in AC land!

Peace & Pot

Thats brilliant! If it works at all as a BT headset, its very cool. one less think to keep up with.

I have a Galaxy Note GT-N7000 & 10.1. I could use this for both of my devices. Send one my way, please. there a black one? Once you go black, you lose you pen in the dark easier.

I'd give this to my brother who loves his Note 2 and makes my S3 feel inferior!

Phil, the timing of this is mind blowing! I literally just ordered a Note II.

Would LOVE this! Just moved from being a Blackberry user for 5 years to my first Android phone! I'd marry my Note 2 if it was legal in this state!

Would love this for my wife for her note 2 for mothers day. Thanks for all the great giveaways this week AC!

wooohooo i need this in my life, haha, i got a galaxy note 2, well actually i have 2, i gave the gf one,

I'm not good at posting things. But I'll give it a try with this new AC app. I like the pen.

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