Samsung BT S Pen

Here's one you don't see every day. I've had this Samsung BT S Pen on my desk for months now. It's a larger S Pen than you get with the Galaxy Note 2 or Note tablets, and it also serves as a Bluetooth headset. Not a particularly great one -- I've tried it -- but it at least works.

You know the drill. Leave a comment on this post, and we'll pick a winner after midnight EDT tonight. We'll announce all the winners later this week.


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Spring cleaning: Win a Samsung BT S Pen



I need this so I can feel like James Bond and make phone calls from my pen. That's crazy! Would love this on my Note 2

I would like to have this one, would be nice to have a pen for my tablet would make an awesome bonus mother's day gift as well. I got the tablet for her to use to read and do crossword puzzles so that pen would be mighty handy :)

I'm loving my 10" note tablet for work and play, but the included pen is a little small for me. A pen like this would be perfect for my tablet.

I definitely want that, it would go great with my nexus 10 or my nexus for and if it doesnt work with them then it would be a great gift to my best friend who has a note 10.1 but wants a bigger stylus

I'm purchasing a note 10.1 in the next couple of days and i currently own a note 2. so this would go beautifully with both devices. thanks for your consideration!!

I would love to win this S Pen it will come in handy for my galaxy note 10.1 and my galaxy note 2. I mean I never get to win nothing so I'm hoping hoping the by some miracle I have touched your heart then again I'm the most unluckiest person on earth =(

That would make drawing a lot awesomer onnmy Note 2 plus its a headset haha could you imagine using it at starbucks, sir what are you doing "oh just answering my pen" haha. Anyway good luck to all!

I left my stylus at a bar (while drinking of course) so now I don't have one for my galaxy note 2, ha. I would love this!

I'm waiting for my Note 2 to be delivered today! This would be the cherry on top!!

This is my comment! I love my note two and hell if I get this I would love to send you guys a video review to post on the channel! ;-)

"The S Pen" is just an jumble for my name S(te)P(h)en. So I think it was meant for me. Corny, but creative. That's me.

Hook it up. I don't have a tablet, but maybe it will work with my HTC One. If not, I can be the cool guy in the office wearing a pen for a bluetooth headset.

This would be awesome using with my Nexus 7. I have GrooveIP and Google Voice and this could make my Nexus 7 my next phone.

That would be so cool to use with my "galaxy note"and "note10.1"..! Probably the best gagdets in town..

You can pick me, I wouldn't have any hard feeling or anything.You may even get a thank you :)

Me please... I think... have a Note II so I could use it? The headset feature intrigues/puzzles me.

Would be great with my Note 10.1, I do music theory and design so it would be amazing to have a larger pen to use on the screen because it would be much more comfortable to hold for me

Definitely sign me up for this. I would love a bit that is easier to handle on my Note 1. The original is just a bit to skinny to be really useful

Looks like it would work with my Note 2. Send it my way and I'll let you and the rest of the community know if it does...

Thank you and Samsung for this contest and a huge thaank you Phil for cleaning out your space and making this available.

ZOMG I want one so bad. It would be perfect for my Note 2. Maybe it would make my handwriting on it less atrocious.

I always considered getting a big stylus for my Note, why not have BT also - it could be handy.

This is one of those items that i would really like to have although don't want to throw down the actual cash for it! Winning this would be awesome...thanks for the opportunity!!!

I could put this to good use. No more fat fingering my TF201 or missing the mark on mass GalTab 2 setups - like mess I made setting up 10 of them.

Oh, wouldn't mind trying a pen that may give even worse battery life than the note 8 already has :-D

Loving my Note 2 and this would be even better! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

I have a Nexus, but the girl I'm dating has a Note 2, and I could use this to buy her affection.

Love my original Galaxy Note. Could use the larger pen to take business notes with it and of course use it with my upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1. I'd gladly help clear your desk for this.

Please Phil!! I could really use that for my Note 10.1 and taking notes in class!! I have very large hands and that little SPen causes cramps.

Humm.. it will be a perfect companion for my Note 10.1.
Draw with the tiny little one is far from a good experience!

If I won this, I would probably go buy a Note 8 this weekend to go with my Note 2 - Nexus Next be damned!

(Otherwise, I'll probably wait for next week's announcements, *then* go buy a Note 8)

Have a great weekend, y'all!

This would make Sketchbook Pro and Lecture Notes so much nicer to use. Much as I love my Note 8.0, the small stylus cramps my fingers. So please, Phil - think of my knuckles and the quality of my art: PICK ME!

This is awesome - my friends birthday is coming up next month and he doesnt need to know where I got this cool accessory for his tablet! I am in :)

I constantly would use something like this for all my note taking and outlines I do on my Jedi note 2

I'll like to have it.
I use my Note 2's stylus everytime, I type on it, using a bigger stylus will make my writing more enjoyable.

Ooo! I could really use that! My niece chewed on my original pen for my note... This would help! I'm in! :) thanks

Do my chances increase if I tell everyone that it's a fact that It was proven in two research studies in Canada. Phil Nickinson is a superior lover to both Nick Offerman and the Anchorman's Ron Burgundy Combined?
May I please have a pen? It doesn't have to be S-pen. I just lack quality writing implements.

I wonder if its any less silly to talk into a pen than a tablet-esque phone? I'd love to give it a shot!

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