Google and SlickLogin will aim to make a safe Internet easy for everyone

SlickLogin is, well, pretty slick. It's a two-factor authentication system for your computer, that uses your smartphone as the authenticator. Sounds pretty standard, right? It's not. SlickLogin uses inaudible tones to verify who you are. Your computer will play a series of sounds that humans can't hear, but your phone (and possibly your dog) can. The app on your phone then analyzes these sounds, and if everything is kosher it sends back a token to the program on your computer to log you in.

Welcome to the future. Especially since there's no product yet for us mortals to try.

Today SlickLogin has announced that they were picked up by Google.

Today we`re announcing that the SlickLogin team is joining Google, a company that shares our core beliefs that logging in should be easy instead of frustrating, and authentication should be effective without getting in the way. Google was the first company to offer 2-step verification to everyone, for free - and they're working on some great ideas that will make the internet safer for everyone. We couldn`t be more excited to join their efforts.

This seems like an exciting tech for Google's deep pockets to get behind. We're going to keep a close watch on this one.

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Sound-based authentication company SlickLogin acquired by Google


As more and more devices get Bluetooth, NFC, and/or WiFi Direct, it seems like sonic connections or authentication would become less and less relevant.

This. I can only imagine what future products (hardware and software) that Google has planned.

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Just watch the terminator /sarcasm

Much Excite

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Lol. I watched Terminator 2, two nights ago. I'll laugh hysterically, if Google actually makes one.

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So basically this means that I'll have to reconnect my microphone to my computer everytime I want to login?

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Nope. The computer makes the sound through the speakers, and the phone picks it up on it's microphone. The app on the phone does the matching. If they match, the authentication is sent (presumably via a secure connection) from the app on your phone to the computer wirelessly.

Also other sites are reporting that in addition to sound, their tech can use a QR code displayed on the screen, so you don't even need speakers.

Ok the whole skynet thing was funny before but not so much now. Computers authentication for computers.

S*it just got real yo

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The skynet thing isn't funny, it's stupid. This is really no different than using Authenticator. Seriously, step away from the tinfoil hats.


We already have passwords and 2-step verifications. What sense does acquiring this company make?

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I'm pretty sure Google has something meaningful planned for this acquisition. Just because YOU can't see that doesn't mean that this acquisition is useless.

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2 step verification isn't as secure as people think it is, and can be cracked. 2 step verification won't stop a key logger from sending keystrokes back to a remote computer, which in turn will include both your password plus the 2 step verification code. I like this idea of using a tone on your phone to authenticate the login.

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This actually sounds pretty slick (i know, 2 bad puns in one comment)

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Love the idea of a HUGE PHONE!!! Hell I wish my Google Nexus 7 was a phone! I have a Poetic rubber back case and a Tech Armor screen protector and it just fits in my pocket just fine! And 2 form factor authentication can always be turned off if you don't want to use it...

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What a load of shit. There is nothing 'frustrating' about logging in, you just do it. This is pure propaganda. If you have trouble logging in to something you should just shoot yourself for being stupid.

If you think of a standard computer or smartphone of today, I agree for the most part. But what about a world where you are interacting with dozens of devices each day all requiring some form of auth? Many of those devices may not be owned/managed by you directly nor known in advance to you.

I like 2-step. But i got pets too. What's this going to do to animals. And I'm not one to worry about the stupid cat but i gotta ask. Hell if it pisses off the loud ass bird outside my window I'm all game.