Probably funnier if you haven't already been subjected to this. Still, not a bad effort.

Source: NBC

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Eion says:

Wasn't very funny :( The only thing that made me giggle was the porn bit and that reference has been over played....and over and over.

tcmeiss says:

Yeah. Glad to see SNL is still steering clear of anything actually funny.

silverfang77 says:

Exactly why I see them as a toy.

Yep. I agree. That clip made me laugh pretty good. They are such a novelty item. Probably good to play around with at a party.

Quasar says:

I laughed too because they obviously over exaggerated for comedic effect. The first generation of any new product is never as good as it potentially could be either. Can you imagine if the first computers were never improved upon? We wouldn't have smartphones if people never improved the tech that is used to make them. As a quadriplegic with very limited use of my hands, glass will be far more than a toy for me. Glass is more like a doorway to even greater independence for me. The second and third generations will be even better.

Targon says:

This is probably why Glass has not been released yet. In general, I see Glass as having a HUGE lifestyle potential to give a "HUD" for what you are looking at. If object detection and identification is good, while driving, it points out all the hazards, picks up on other vehicles, people walking on the side of the road, and objects. While walking, it may try to compare the people around you against a 3D mapped system to identify individuals(which would be REALLY helpful at parties and such since it will pop up their names and other information that is available to the public. It could also provide notes for projects in the workplace for presentations, working as an intelligent teleprompter if you wanted.

As a heads up for an existing cell phone, where you pair your phone to the "Glass" type device, you could also get, not just a useful bluetooth headset, but it could show you information about the caller before you pick up(if in contacts), not just name, but any other information about that contact, and would let you leave your phone in your pocket since the display could come up during activities. You hear about the smartwatch, but Glass would go well beyond that, since you wouldn't have to look DOWN to see the information.

mldiroff says:

Yeah, I remember when SNL used to parody people walking around talking on a hand-held mobile phone. CRAZY. It's publicity, man. And bad/joking publicity is still publicity.

p1eric says:

I thought it was funny. Google voice recognition is certainly much better than they made it out to be but I have had to repeat myself multiple times before and that made me chuckle.

mwara244 says:

That's what we get from a bunch of iphone/siri using writers trying to write about android, they have no clue and are just talking out their ass

mwara244 says:


Synycalwon says:

Mildly amusing, especially the goofy head moves that make him look like he's having a seizure or something. But overall, it wasn't very funny (typical SNL). I was hoping for a good parody of Glass being used out in public. There are so many things they could've done with that.

cashxx says:

I miss MadTV.....

Synycalwon says:

+1 Same here. I almost said that in my previous comment. :)

jackinit says:

Hilarious stuff! Google glass is a joke!

rsa says:

Actually SNL has become the joke!

nickacs says:

Actually so is your mom!

Lazaretto says:

Wow, SNL is still on?

b1gg134 says:

This is why I think Google now and siri are useless. I have only seen one person ever using Google Now and it was similar... repeating what he wanted 3 times before it got it right. And he looked like a giant dork doing it.

Targon says:

Google Now is NOT limited to voice command/voice search stuff, and that is what you seem to have missed. Google Now is actually very cool and I use it throughout my day to give me updates on what I am interested in. Google Glass as a HUD type accessory to give you important stuff without the need to look down at your phone, or to even point out potential hazards in the environment would be more practical uses for the technology.

The big thing is that most early designs for ANYTHING will seem to be useless early on. If you saw an early prototype of the iPhone, before it was polished, you would probably have thought it was a joke too, with no apps and limited functionality. The released product was even VERY limited compared to other smartphones of the time, and only brilliant marketing made it popular since it really wasn't all THAT amazing compared to what was on the market at the time.

dethduck says:

Oh yeah, THAT'S why I stopped watching SNL nearly 20 years ago.

jackwagon06 says:

Just watched it on google glass. Funnier while twitching my head to turn up the volume. Just because we like android on phones and tabs, doesn't mean we have to be google fan boys of everything they do. However, if it wasn't for pushing the boundaries of invention, we would have nothing to bicker about here. I wonder if on glass, you have to side load flash in the stock browser to watch that chrome, except for lack of flash which so many videos are still formatted to play.

Omar Ortega says:

We're sorry, but the clip you selected isn't available from your location. Please select another clip.

mssca says:

Same here... I think it is only for US views. You can watch it through a proxy if you really really want to see it.

Gearu says:

RIP human intelligence in the U.S.

hoosiercub says:

I didn't find myself laughing *shrug*

Can't watch it from outside the US, but found it on Youtube.

Why did I even bother? Could you have at least warned that it was retarded, poorly done and most of all, not funny?

Anyway, they probably did the same type of amateurish sketch when smartphones where considered outlandish.

sk8trix says:

lmao i gotta say that made my morning

eramos31 says:

I guess I was the one of the few that thought it was funny lol. I don't think google now is that bad, If I have to repeat stuff it would be usually changing a phrase to show a card but overall its really fast and useful. I actually got my girlfriend to use it on her iphone and it helped her look up chemical compounds faster for her homework. I would love to try glass but when it gets more refined and doesn't stand out so much.

cemysh33 says:

The sad part is that people will use this as an actual reference to bash Google/Android products. "Yea too bad Google's voice recognition sucks so much you have to repeat yourself. Haven't you seen the snl skit? Siri is much better..."

_X_ says:

That was pretty funny.

On an aside my kids use Google Now's voice recognition just to laugh how poorly it does it's job.


jrsharp70 says:

They also made fun of the iPad...

Swavek says:

I have NOT found SNL funny in yearrrrsss... that aside, this video is funny and kind of sums up of what i think about google glass. if/when it hits sub $100 in price than i'll consider buying it so that i can watch porn in bed. :-D

gregmcph says:

Egg Freckles.

jerrod6 says:

Robert Please,

Wear your glass but, No more pictures of you in a shower, OK?


Actually I think Google Glass is on to something that could become BIG.

JRLM_Beats says:

Had me and my wife almost choke at dinner... Pure comedy.. And even funnier to see tech nerds get defensive and claim it wasn't funny.... There is no practical application for glass for tech geeks any way as you weirdos don't go out side to socialize anyway lmao.

Voliam says:

^ Ouch!
If find Google Now to be quite accurate, better than 90%. Perhaps I annunciate better than most folks.

bigdav1178 says:

Have to agree with the others, I didn't find it very funny either - cheesy, at best =/

svinyard says:

Dumb...geez SNL is bad. Only Sandbergs Ditigal clibs are funny. "I open the window, a breeze rolls in and I...."

Flyer00 says:

He left the show a year ago.

Flyer00 says:

OpenMitko says:

It was kind of funny, I enjoyed it :)

Thanks for the link, Flyer00!

leftyman says:

I have to admit that I chuckled and I also have to admit that SLN and google glass mean nothing to me.

Eric379 says:

It burns!