Ability to unlink phone number comes after 4.6 million users info was leaked

Snapchat has just announced an update to the way that they will be handling the "Find my Friends" portion of the application, but is this too little too late? Over a week ago someone leaked the phone numbers and screen names of 4.6 million Snapchat users. Finally, today they have announced a functional 'solution' to the issue, but that is only going forward. Still showing very little sorrow for the event that happened the company has announced that users will now be able to unlink their mobile numbers from their account.

In a post on their blog Snapchat has outlined their new policies, and unlinking your phone number is easy. If you are an existing user you will want to head into the settings then mobile number and you can delete it. For new users you will be promoted to verify your phone number before you are able to actually use the Find my Friends feature within the application. 

They claim to be continuing to work on their API to prevent any sort of event like this from taking place, but the latest snafu has plenty of folks hesitant and some trust will need to be earned again . If you have not already deleted your account, be sure to unlink your mobile number from your account so that you don't risk it being leaked, again.

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Snapchat finally gets around to apologizing with an update — sorta


I heard the same thing too.. It's why they have been hiring some lobbyists in the past few weeks

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Eh, too little too late. I check my number and wasn't affected (the only real high point of being located in an area code too bumf*ck-middle-of-nowhere-to-be-bothered-with), so I deleted my account before anything else could have happened. I hardly used it anyway, (hell, I only had it about a month and a half to start with) and the hotshot idiots who run the whole thing don't seem to give a damn about what could be a potentially very serious security issue, so good riddance. I've also tried warning my friends to do the same, though who knows if anyone's paid attention or not...

How did you check if your number was affected? This is the first I'm hearing of this leak so want to be safe.

"We are sorry for any problems this issue may have caused you and we really appreciate your patience and support."

That's an apology... sorta.