Sky has updated its NOW TV mobile apps to add Google Chromecast support, enabling consumers to stream their favorite shows to a television and opening up a world of entertainment on a larger screen.

What's neat about this latest update is that Sky is making it so the Roku NOW TV streaming box is no longer required to enjoy the same functionality. Simply download (or update) the Sky NOW TV Android app and you're good to go.

While the app is available for free on both Android and iOS, those who download the app will require a NOW TV subscription to make full use of included functionality. Already updated and enjoying the new Chromecast support? Let us know your initial thoughts in the comments.

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Sky's NOW TV adds Google Chromecast support in latest update


Like Disney's Aladdin, not available in the US... On Google Play anyways :-(

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It's not illegal to stream content from other regions. The company that hosts it could get into trouble if they only have a license to stream it in a certain country and they make it publicly available elsewhere. But if you manage to get their content to run somewhere else, it's not illegal. It may be against their ToS, but that's not illegal. The videos are legally hosted in a place that has the proper license to host and distribute an internet stream. There's nothing illegal there.

As for the effort, it's my understanding that the Chromecast verifies location AFTER you've sent the stream, when you have no control anymore. It doesn't just take your device's word for it. If it did, I could just use hola or a regular VPN and be done with it.

I've read guides on this, but it involves a sort of tinkering with which I'm uncomfortable.

Oooh. Might have to check this out for the ryder cup. £7 a day not cheap but every now and then makes more sense than £40 a month


£11 for 7 days is not bad value as long as you can make use of it. It beats paying £40+ month subscription to Sky Sports

Didn't see the £11 week pass. That's not bad actually. I used to have all the sports channels but was way too expensive for the amount I used it. Especially as BT Sport has gone up to £17 a month now I think. I hope this sort of content consumption is the future. (I have a skyGo account but I want it on the big screen and they've done everything they can to stop me doing that - can't even cast screen)

Living in the U.S. I'm assuming this is a foreign (to me) cable company's app? You might want to include that sort of information in articles like this for those of us who are unfamiliar.

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Since we constantly put up with apps and offers that are US only you can put up with the few we Brits get :)

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UK based satellite TV company actually.

They don't say "this is US only" either when they're talking about apps, the people who it's applicable to know what it is.

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Now if only the could do the same with the sky go app.

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We can only hope, but its pretty unlikely at this stage. Sky Go is primarily aimed at giving mobile access to their satellite subscribers and they don't want people using it to watch on a big screen whih would eat into their 2nd box subscription sales.

Since Now TV is aimed at those who don't have/want a satellite there is no sales to lose. The box is not really important here.

BTW if you do want to use sky go on a big screen you'll need a pc/lappy and connect it via hdmi which is what I do upstairs!

This is genuinely surprising, I didn't think Sky were forward thinking enough to endanger their now TV box.

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I actually signed up for Now TV today on the basis of this. It could make a great accompaniment to Netflix, for recently aired stuff and HBO shows that probably won't ever be on Netflix.

I wish more companies would do the same, I'd watch a lot more 4oD and might pay for Spotify too if they'd only support chromecast.

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Thw big problem here is that you are allowed 4 devices on your now TV account and the Chromecast uses a device so if you want to stream from your phone or tablet you'll be using 2 of your four devices.

Not quite true; only the device you use to play the stream needs to be registered as one of your 4 devices. You can cast to the Chromecast from an unregistered phone or tablet, as long as the Chromecast is registered.

Works well, just need Amazon to follow suit so I can cast Prime Video, that would make Chromecast the fuller package.

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Official from app developers. This only works on Chromecast bought in the UK. So if your in the us or imported a US one to the UK it won't work.

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