It's hard to turn down watching this show, but poking fun at Glass makes it even better

The latest episode of The Simpons, which was teased earlier this week, takes a nice friendly poke at Google Glass and is now available for replay through Hulu Plus. The appropriately named "Specs and the City" episode can be streamed in its entirety provided you're a Hulu Plus subscriber. 

We're all for a bit of humor around new technology like Glass. And as you can tell from the preview above, there's also some Super Bowl focus as well.

Source: Hulu

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Chanlion says:

We meet again regional block!

Grahaman27 says:

Use the hola extension in chrome.

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Argaron says:

Still not working...

paulw3 says:

Yep we are unfortunately.. :-(

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David Horgan says:

I like turtles!

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drazum77 says:

Google Glass does not cover the eyes like shown in the episode unless you clip the device to your glasses. Simpsons stopped being funny 20 years ago.

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thatguy97 says:

You're fun.

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DeerSteak says:

says the commenter with the Family Guy avatar. Yikes.

mssca says:

Then don't watch... problem solved.

Johnny Z says:

Too late...opinion expressed.

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I guess its time to sign up for my free hulu plus trial finally.

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Demodave says:

Does anyone still watch this show??? Fox needs to send this to the land of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN.

mrgwap03 says:


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eahinrichsen says:

What if Fox had canned The Simpsons after 11 seasons and Married With Children was still on the air?

andreo says:

They would have to call it Married with adult children. Unless they decided to adopt an Oliver.

zackmack7 says:

Can't watch the video on my Nexus 7

The parity was good, imo.....

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TheStoryUp says:

Does anyone have an alternate link, that isn't regional locked to the US

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Trixz_D says:

Ahh the joys of regional blocked videos XD

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mvsmith says:

There are other sites to watch shows like this. Google is your friend people.

I actually liked this show. I haven't watched the simpsons since I was like 13 or 14. 8 or 9 years ago. I watched a clip a few years ago of the "Mapple" episode but just the clip. It did seem funny. Lisa got a mapple bill or something.

But this actually was a good episode. It kinda makes me want google glass now too.

Ninjatogo says:

Two things, this episode is only for Hulu Plus members at the moment, and for those trying to access Hulu content (and much more) outside the US. Use the extension MediaHint. It's better than Hola, in that it actually works :D

TheStoryUp says:

This was actually a pretty funny episode, and it beings to light some of the concerns about GG

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