The Samsung Fascinate is one sexy phone with a smooth yet slippery plastic surface. One wrong move and the next thing you know you're helplessly watching as it transitions from sexy to scratched. Enter the Seidio Innocase II Surface: a high-quality case designed to add moderate protection while retaining the Fascinate's sleek appearance.

Assembly is quick and easy. There are two interlocking pieces that slide snuggly into place. Each 1 mm piece is constructed from durable soft-touch plastic and lined with felt for additional protection during assembly and removal. The soft-touch plastic gives you the grip you're looking for and feels oh so good in the hands.


There are cutouts for the the volume and power buttons, mic, speaker, USB port, 3.5mm jack, lanyard, and camera. The bottom raises the camera lens and speaker away from flat surfaces. The raised speaker provides the additional benefit of improved audio quality. If you're like me and carry a spare battery, you'll be happy to know that a push and slide of the bottom piece allows for quick and easy removal.  Overall I was pleased with the quality and appearance of this minimalistic case. If you're looking for a nice mix of style and protection; you can't go wrong with the Seidio Innocase II Surface for the Fascinate.   

The Seidio Innocase II Surface for the Samsung Fascinate comes in five colors -- black, blue, burgundy, amethyst and pearl white -- and is available in the the Android Central Store for $27.95. We've got more pics after the break.






Reader comments

Review: Seidio Innocase II Surface for the Samsung Fascinate


Does this slide in and out of a pocket easily?

I have a silicone case that was available when I bought my Fascinate that is fine, except for the fact that it seems to get stuck in my jeans.

I'm looking for something that offers protection, but is a little smoother.

If so, this could be a must-buy!

A fine review but keep in mind that the Gorilla Glass front basically doesn't scratch, and even my plastic shiny back shows very little wear. So scratches are basically not an issue, but a cover is for you if you need improved grip and less forceful collisions for the drop-prone.

Will it fit in the multimedia dock with the skin on? The dock is oddly shaped enough and with the extra girth, I'm assuming it won't.

I prefer my black plastic cover with the built in kickstand. It's slick enough not to stick in your pocket, but textured enough to have some grip when you hold it. The kickstand also comes in handy for streaming videos.

I have this case and it offers excellent grip-ability. It also slides easily in and out of pockets. The only issue I had was it seemed to be a little loose. I fixed the issue by applying a protective skin to the battery cover, now it fits like a glove and feels more secure.

This case appears to be the exact same case that is sold by Best Buy but with theirs you get a belt clip for roughly the same price. I have had the case for about a month now and not overly happy with it. The case has become loose between the two halves and I had to "open up" the holes to access the volume and power buttons. I bought an Otterbox Defender and what poor design. The silicone cover won't stay on around the face of the phone and the belt clip is horrible. It takes two hands to get the phone off of your belt.

It is almost exactly the same case as what Best Buy sells. The "Pt" brand at Best Buy is actually a Seidio product.

I just wish they had the Active X case at Best Buy.

I noticed there's no felt lining on the edges of the case. Have you noticed any scratches from the case on the edges of the phone? People have been having issues with that on other phones with the Innocase II