Secret is bringing its infamous confession app to Android today. Users can sign in, post public, anonymous confessions, and let others comment on, like, and share them. Users will be flagged if they're within your immediate social circle through the Friend stream, though identities don't get any more specific than that. You can also check the Explore stream to see popular public secrets. The release also marks the release of new features, such as a question & answer framework, and a view of how many friends you have using Secret.

Obviously, there's a whole lot of room for abuse here as folks will just post whatever they want, but so long as you're willing to take the updates with due skepticism, there's a whole lot of entertainment potential here. You can get downloading the app for free above. Would you make an anonymous confession for the whole world to see on Secret? Are you worried at all about these secrets staying confidential?


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Secret app invites Android users to spill the beans


I think it's fine, and I can also see a massive amount of entertainment potential.
But as the review says, it's open to abuse.
If you're worried about it staying anonymous, you probably shouldn't be posting it.
If you're worried about what people will say to an ANONYMOUS comment, you probably shouldn't be posting it.
Although that will probably be the most entertaining part.
Same with Snapchat, if you're REALLY concerned about things like that then you probably shouldn't send that pic to that friend you think you can trust not to screenshot or use snaphack/cheat whatever. :)

Glad you think its "fine".

On the other hand, I don't know why we should give gossip mongers public and anonymous platform to say anything about anybody. I really can't see a single good thing coming from this. Its just another platform for bullying.

The only point where we agree is on the bogus claim of anonymity. I have clear and convincing title to a large Bridge in a Big City that I'd like to sell you if you believe that even for a second.

I don't have many secrets, but the ones I do are staying that way. If I felt a need to confess and feel guilty about things, i'd take up religion!

Considering the nature of the app, it's permissions are quite ironic. Though probably necessary.

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So, let me get this straight. This is an app that provides a message board for people who want to post their secrets anonymously, but most will lie or not post at all due to the fact that big brother watches everything we do on our phones. And others will spend their valuable time reading lies from stay at home Prozac yentas, high school kids with wild imaginations and lunatics who have way too much time on their hands? This app should sink quickly to the long forgotten quite quickly.

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secret? lol. just look at the app permissions: identity/contacts/location/device Id. if you really think your posting 'anonymous' things & noone knows who/where you are. you truly are ignorant.

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If IOS people are going go complain and the app being on the #1 platform in the world then I guess I would use it. I just don't see the point of the app. If I want to get a secret off my chest and not tell me friends I can just blog it or write it in my diary.

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the sociopaths in my Facebook "friends" list already use FB and Twitter for this

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Your not alone, It's cringe worthy how some people think this is gonna be the new twitter. It's not just open to abuse, but open to lies. Anyone can make anything up and some idiots will believe it. I wanna go live on the moon. I'm done with this world.

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Somebody should confess to a heinous crime with extreme detail, that they actually didn't commit, but see what happens.

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