Samsung's Vibrant commercial

Because one commercial for its Galaxy S line of carrier branded phones wasn't enough, Samsung has put out another Hollywood style production for the T-Mobile Vibrant (maybe you've read our review?).  It's great -- this is what commercials should be like, and 100 percent hairy palm free (ewwww) this time.  Check it out after the break.


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storm14k says:

These Vibrant and Droid X commercials are going to cause another surge in Android market share. And just think....they'll suck compared to the holiday phone offerings lol.

cj100570 says:

Really? As commercials go I'd call that 1 average. All they showed was a "stimulated" screen image. If their planning to play with the big boys they're gonna have to come out with commercials that are much more dramatic than that. DroidDoes deserve better!

Leif says:

Sad...maybe it's just me, but the video won't actually play. :(

Edit: plays now. Weird. Anyway, that was a pretty cool ad, I personally like it better than the droid ads.

Basis says:

These are nothing in comparison to how good the Droid commercials are. Sorry, but Verizon just has one of the best advertisers in the business.

voghan says:

The avatar movie is watch I show off to people. It is incredible quality.

likwidsoul says:

If you pay attention all cell phone commercials say that the screen images are simulated. There would be too much glare in a production studio to fully show off a screen. But if one could do it I would have to say it would be the galaxy s. But its a nice little piece of cinematography.

robertw0925 says:

I like how they say they are the first and only super amoled screen .... haha sorry HTC and everyone else who tries to order screens from them
Good luck of you think that wasn't planned

Bigboyk#AC says:

Ok nice commercial, now sprint and samsung release the Epic 4g already!!!

bobaka says:

I've got a Captivate and the screen is truly awesome...
highly recommended

Edcokpareke says:

Not impressed. This ad says nothing about the phone. Any stupid phone can play a movie these days.

ARich91 says:

I like how it shows the lady holding the phone for about a second. Just seems funny.