Samsung is throwing a press event on May 28 in San Francisco to talk about health, but it won't be launching any new products there. Speaking to Re/code, Samsung's Stefan Heuser, confirmed that this is the case. Heuser didn't give any clues as to what will actually be discussed in San Francisco.

So, that puts an end to that speculation, at least for now. The plot thickens to exactly what will be happening on May 28.

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Samsung won't be launching new products at May 28 health event


No new physical product, but this is Samsung it's likely they have 24 new apps (that 99.9% of us will never want need or use) to bog your Samsung phone down with! Or they might amaze us and admit that they really are listening to there customers not ignoring them and all Samsung smartphones can expect an update that removes all the crap we all disable when we purchase a Samsung phone!

Considering health apps and peripherals has become more and more predominant on Samsung phones over the last three generations, I guess quite a lot of people must be using this. I get it that geeks like us usually stay clear of exercise like cats of water, but, the world isn't just tech geeks... :)

"What's Android? I just want a galaxy!"
Says the average consumer

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Because this is not Verizon and we here at tmo/sprint are saving you $xxx per month on your bill - - says the average cs rep

Well f Droid then - - - says the average consumer

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And they'll be pre-installed and running in the background in the next update.
Bloatware is what pop ups is for internet and Samsung wants to be the Bloatware Queen bad.

What? No new product, no new line - there must be an error. This the first article about Samsung which says "no new products" 8-O Amazing - but I only believe it when it happens, but there is always time to announce multiple devices before this event.
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Maybe they'll be announcing that the original Galaxy Gear is moving to Tizen. That they are opening up Gear Manager for all android devices so ALL of their wearables are compatible with any android phones. And announcing hundreds of apps that will be released for their 4 watches (gear, gear2, neo, fit).

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How about just fixing the stuff that isn't working right on the Gear Fit and making it work more like a Fitbit?

Samsung Not bombarding us with another addition to their already confusing & convoluted product range,
Now that's news...

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Not really. Most people only buy one phone or TV or fridge. They'll buy the one that's on offer or they're recommended by the lacky in the shop. They'll be oblivious to the other 200 items in the same category they sell either due to ignorance or apathy

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No new products? Well, I'm shocked. I was sure Samsung would announce a portable defibrillator to go along with the heart rate monitor.

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