Samsung Vibrant promo video

The Samsung Vibrant isn't being left out of the fun, it has it's own version of the catchy Samsung Galaxy S series promo videos, too.  The video is about the same as the ones we've seen for the Captivate and Epic 4G, except for all the magenta of course.  If glitzy Hollywood style production isn't your thing, you can see our raw hands-on with the Vibrant right here.  Hit the break for the full video, and don't blame me if that song gets stuck in your head forever. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Samsung Vibrant promo video


What's not to like? Its on every major carrier has a 4 in screen 1ghz humming bird processor and android. Call it what you will the galaxy s is sweet. The only thing that I can see bombing this phone is touch wiz.

I feel the same way. I am on ATT so I have been watching the Captivate and thinking if I should get it or not. The specs on this thing are amazing, but I just can't get over touchwiz. It just seems to be a little to "cookie cutter" and iPhoney. I don't know I hear that it should be pretty easy to root. With Sammy's hardware and stock Android I think would be perfect. I am currently using a N1 and I am almost out of my contract so I don't know what I am going to do. Guess I will wait until AC and Engadget do their reviews to make my decision and then head on over to the ATT store and give it a run through once it's out. I am pretty excited about these phones tho so we will see.

I'm going to just put on launcherpro when I first get it, I've already backed up all my screens on launcherpro from my G1 so when I get it everything will be in place and it'll feel a little more like stock.

Geeze people- all I hear among the bemoaning of "touchwiz"is the apps on the bottom of the phone- is THAT really a big deal? You do know that's configurable on Galaxy right? So you don't NEED the dialer, contacts, messaging- it could be 3 apps of whatever you want on that persistent bottom/side- the only unchangeable icon is the app tray icon (on the far right)

Personally, from the videos I've seen- this is WAY BETTER than sense! You can move app icons wherever you want within the app tray- not be limited to alphabetical- for us Palm PRE users this is just what I was looking for. Feels more like what I was used to.

If you want stock android- run Launcher Pro- "problem" solved.

I honestly don't get all the touch wiz hate either. The only difference I saw was those 4 icons and don't understand why anyone would cry about that.

The things holding me back don't have anything to do with Touchwiz.

My concerns are the 5mp camera and no LED flash.

Plus for me I like the screen on the X much better as I like a larger screen.
I may hold out for a phone with front facing camera as well.

I have an N1 right now and feel like I should be much more excited for this phone than I actually am..

I think most of the people dissing TouchWiz are just jumping on the bandwaggon since everyone knows it was shitty on the Behold. This is a new TouchWiz UI that is probably the least intrusive out of any other aftermarket Android UI. I think the dock is great and so does every other home replacement developer (ex. LauncherPro and ADW). TouchWiz 3.0 is more of a launcher than anything else so just shut your mouth and stop whining about it. If you don't like it then go get a phone with MotoTurd.

The companies just need to put out the phone with stock android on it and make all of their little Widgets and stuff device specific downloads in the market. So that way everyone doesn't have to wait for the companies to tweak the android ui before getting an update. Not just a touch wiz hater also a former sense user and hater and a motoblur hater. Just leave it stock and stop messing with a good thing.

everything i've read says touchwiz 3.0 feels like its a light skin over most of android, so it hopefully wont hamper the upgrade ladder that much. Concidering how much visibility this phone will have since its on so many carriers, sammy would be complete fools if they didnt keep top notch support on it. I dont think a company that big is made of complete fools (though obviously someone up there isnt thinking.. cough cough Behold2 cough cough).
I dont see why everyone is bitching as well. It probably wont be too hard to root it and put on a base ROM. Also since its mostly just reskinning of a few apps, just dont use em!!
Whats with the motoblur hate as well? I bet half the peeps who talk about it have never used it. Its actually a very good system (which is why sence2.0 and touchwiz 3.0 rip it off so much), it just needs to get on a phone with some horsepower and have a few tweaks like every other first gen system.

mMMM, Im not liking this phone that much...tooo much pizzazz...and if there is an onboard keyboard, why the virtual one? its like...a confused phone