Vibrant Overclock

Another day, another tip about overclocking -- this time it's the Samsung Vibrant hitting a very fast, yet still believable 1.6 GHz.  The method isn't yet public (at the time of this writing), but at least these fellows have some benchmarks to back it up.  Besides the Quadrant benchmark (which is about useless on a Galaxy S phone -- blame the cheaters and developers lack of fixing the I/O scoring algorithm for that one) of 3196, they're showing off a Linpack score of 12.3.  Before you scoff, this is on the OMAP a Hummingbird, still running 2.1.  That's fast.  Very fast.  I'm pretty sure most, if not all, of this will work with all Galaxy S phones, but the skeptic in me says wait for the developers to chime in on that one.

They have also been hard at work on tuning the GPU, and are getting incredible graphics benchmark scores, and these don't involve any suspect benchmark apps.  These are real, folks, and are the kind of scores we all wanted out of the Galaxy S phones.  I, for one, am awful glad to see the community deliver them.  I know benchmarks often don't translate into real-world improvement, but scores this high surely will.  Hit the source link to follow the progress, and read all the juicy details.  [AndroidSpin, CyanogenMod forums (down)] Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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Samsung Vibrant overclocked to 1.6 GHz


It is amazing, this device is so capable, but so so handicapped by the manufacturer. Im so pleased with all the work being done on the Vibrant and Galaxy S line.

Saw this yesterday on xda. I'm overclocked at 1.2 combined with lag fix and hitting average quadrant score of 2600 and linpack hitting about 9.5 mflops running on bionix final. Loving my Vibrant...

12.3 is alright, I'm happy with my Overclocked incredible that hits speeds of 1.19 and gets a linpack score of 43+ :)

12.3 is alright??? I don't think you realize that the Galaxy S phones are still on 2.1 and don't have the JIT that 2.2 has.

Okay so... that's odd I posted a msg earlier and I got spam filtered...

Anywho, can't anyone with access to the Market download and purchase SetCPU for 2 bucks and accomplish the same thing on any device? What's so special about this method?