For all the naysayers who didn't think T-Mobile would really sell the Samsung Vibrant a week early, well, how do we say this nicely? We told you so! Today T-Mobile made an announcement on its official twitter page stating that the device will be ready for sale on July 15, a week earlier then previously announced. This 4-inch screen powered by a 1GHz processor and equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 will run $199.99 upon release, so if you were holding out on the Nexus One in hopes of something bigger coming along, it's here! [T-Mobile Twitter via MobileBurn]


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Samsung Vibrant confirmed for July 15


The Epic has gotta come out in July. It seems that all the other Samsung Galaxy S phones on other Carriers are coming out in July.
My $199's burning a hole in my pocket!

Hey if any of u notice that all the Android haters who have the iPhone hating on ur phone Jus call them a fanboy and watch there reaction from a somewhat mean face to a cry baby Wtf face...and an arguement will arise....funniest shit...did it do like 3

Great! The sooner I can dump this moto cliq the better. The cliq has been the biggest disapointment ever. I'm really excited that a decent android phone is finally coming to t-mobile (through direct sales, never qualified to buy a nexus one at the discounted rate).

Damn I wish I knew this was coming before I bought my evo now I'm an individual and thee rest of my daily is on tmobile