See what Samsung has to show us all while we liveblog from Berlin and New York

IFA 2014 Tomorrow is going to be a pretty big deal for Android fans. Samsung is holding another Unpacked event — one so big it needs three venues to handle it all: Berlin, New York and Beijing. We expect to see the all new Galaxy Note 4, as well as a new, and more "independent" wearable in the Gear S and its SIM card slot. We also imagine there will be a surprise or two, because Samsung. You don't get to be the biggest smartphone maker in the world without having plenty of great products that people want.

We're going to be in both Berlin and New York, bringing everything Samsung has to say and show to you live and in realtime. Alex and Derek will be at the aptly named Tempodrome in beautiful downtown Berlin, while Phil and Andrew will be sitting pretty in New York's West Village.

Everyone will have laptops and cameras ready to go, and this is something you'll not want to miss! You'll find it right at the top of all the action here on the AC homepage. Join us!


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Samsung Unpacked — Liveblogging from two continents at 9 a.m. EDT Wednesday!


Hmm, let me see, liveblog or live stream..which one, which one???? Such a tough choice. On one hand I can read and see pics about it ORRRR I can watch it live. Is this really a choice though?...lol. 1st world problems.

Live in New York City and Samsung Unpacked event 2. It's pretty plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period.

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Yes I am pimp slapping myself sitting here in Village ready for prime time at 9am on Wednesday.

Nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period they are Android nothing else matters.

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What else would he be doing at that time... Most people would be at work, but apparently Richard does not have to worry about that. Thanks Obama

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Hey Richardyarrell1... Android is a mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux kernel and currently developed by Google... PERIOD
So pray tell, how is samsung Android?

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I'm no hard core samsung fan....but I hope the note 4 blows away the tech media and critics Just to take attention away from apple, and I also hope that they consider it the superior device after all is said and done.

Probably won't happen though....but hey, atleast most of us know it will be...

It will be all Apple all the time once September 9th gets here. I am kinda interested to see what the new iPhone brings as well. I mean did you see all the press they got for having NFC? Mobile Payments? The air will be sucked out of the mobile world for a few days...

I do hope the Note 4 smacks it over the fence!

The majority of attention will go to apple, just like it does every september.....and it's great that they're integrating some things into ios 8 that have been a core part of android for years.......

but for me, most of the tech savvy, power users, and the majority of the tech community, the combination of the open nature of android and the amazing hardware n software that OEM's provide, give the platform a level of power, functionality, and overall potential that apple can't match. It's what many of us have seen for a long time now.....

It's true that both platforms are becoming more alike, and that's great for consumers....but the core functionality and versitility that android is founded on make it superior IMHO, and will for some time to come

I love Android and have never owned Apple anything.

Yet history will repeat itself.

Apple, as they are so adroit at doing, will drown out and dominate everything mobile, not just for a couple of days, from now through the Holidays.

This is a major release for Apple. I believe Apple is capable of and intent on gaining market share.

Squabbling among Android Central Forum members about whose unit is better will have no more impact than a gnat on an elephant's ass.

Nor will national or international news reports, commercials, and advertisements we'll barely notice about Android devices divert most of us Android Central fanatics from fervently fawning over and justifying our favorites.

Naaaa...I wouldn't go so far to say that they'll dominate everything mobile.....with android L being launched on new nexus devices, the note 4 tomorrow, and various other devices in the 4th quarter, android will get plenty of attention.

this is a huge release for apple, and they will certainly make slight gains in the overall marketshare with larger iphones . But apple isn't about gaining marketshare, they're about maximizing profits and staying out of the low end of the market.

That will only last so long though. As mobile tech gets cheaper and decent hardware becomes more affordable....the high end of the market in general is going to suffer, including all oem's that rely on high end sales.

Honestly though, it doesn't really matter to me either way. The only platform that matters to me is android, and it's only going to get even stronger with time

Apple is playing catch up. The iPhone community has hungered for what Android has offered for years so when they see the bright and shiny "new" tech that Apple has "invented", the next few months will be dominated by Apple fanboys who think Steve Jobs had returned from the grave and Apple innovation once again ruled the world. It's gonna be so much fun slapping them into reality.

Ammm maybe the live blog is for those who can't watch the stream? For example, at that time I will be in class, I could not watch the stream but could check the live blog on my tablet