Samsung Stratosphere

Software version changes to i405.GC1, Android version remains the same

Those still rocking their Samsung Stratosphere will be pleasantly surprised today -- Verizon has announced it has a brand new update finished and almost ready to download. Although small in size, both Verizon and Samsung feel this is an important one and 'encourage you to download this update.' The new software version is i405.GC1, and includes a hand-full of enhancements:

  • Improved clarity during calls
  • Improved reliability when sending emails using Outlook
  • Improvements to Sync and Connect server have been made
  • My Verizon application has been improved
  • Improvements have been made to the Set Up Wizard to clarify what is required in the Google Setup screen
  • Correct the IMAP implementation related to the E-mail Sync and connect operation
  • The following applications have been removed as preloaded: IM, Blockbuster, Verizon Video and Verizon Vcast
  • Single Sign On application has been updated to version v3.1.9
  • VZtones version 5.1.3 has been added

We've yet to get reports of anyone receiving the OTA update just yet. If you're one of the first, hit the comments and let us know the roll out has begun.

Source: Verizon


Reader comments

Samsung Stratosphere update coming soon with improvements and bugfixes


I just saw the over the air update. It downloaded fairly quickly and installed faster. I'll post here if I notice any changes.

I work at best buy and this is the most complained about phone. People bring it in to replace it everyday. Hopefully this update fixes it

Glad they are updating this phone. It is trash. I went through two of them in 6 months. I ended up getting getting a Galaxy S3. Way better

I got the update! Really just posting to say, yes, this phone is trash. The manufacturing standard was low, little thought was given to the user experience and basic low level features like network switching are just bad.

I don't know anyone else whose desire for a hard keyboard on Verizon 4G led them to this terrible mistake, so I'm glad to finally find a place to complain.

I got the update today

I have not noticed any changes...

The Backup Assistance still crashes every morning when it tries to back up to Verizon (even though i have it turned off)

Oh well.

The Blockbuster & Verizon Vcast apps are gone... thats kinda nice.

LOL, note the dead battery icon in the picture. Typical unfortunately, and this software upgrade is not equivalent to the new 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Nothing works. They should let us upgrade for free.