7 inch samoled display

Samsung is showing off their new seven inch super-AMOLED display in Japan at the FPD International 2010 show.  The panel is WXVGA (1200x600), and as you can see above is being showcased in the next-generation Galaxy Tab.  Have a look at any of the Galaxy S phones, SAMOLED is pretty amazing, and seeing it on the Tab will be a welcome sight.  The price increase that's likely to come, not so much.  Samsung states that they will begin selling the new screens sometime in 2011. [OLED-Display.netThanks Erik!

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Urukiora says:

I want that chick more than the tab

lrn2swim says:

already have chick hotter than her, i'll take the tab please.

darkmax says:

In that case I'll have your chick, you can have the tab and that chick in the pix. :D

moises1204 says:

hahaha, very funny....

hydro says:


estebancam says:

Hahaha. Nice.

lrn2swim says:

touché. ;)

dougeetx says:

Hey! They got my baby momma in the ad! I'm going to wax that all night tonight.....and record it on the tab!

Alfb says:

such a huge display! I don´t want the tab (neither that chick) I´m living in Madrid and just picked up muy galaxy S (I900) 4" super Amoled with amazing offer, so happy enough! have a look if you have friends overhere, it´s really worth it!


XEOD says:

According to SlashGear that is a dual-screen 4.5-inch PenTile AMOLED MID prototype....


nikhils says:

What is that device under the 4.5"WSVGA sign? Looks interesting.

crxssi says:

Hello Samsung.... 10".... that is what people want! :)

jms67 says:

That's what she said

draken says:

I've been looking at the photo for several minutes now, and I still don't see the tablet...

bod1ggity says:

Why not make a 10 inch tablet? My mother in law has an I-pad and I think its just the right size, I definantly wouldn't change that. A tablet the same size running android +usb and HDMI ports would be a no brainer sell for me... especially running honeycomb + T2 processor. Until then, tablets no boku.

Jonneh says:

Until then, tablets of me? myself of tablets? タブレット の 僕。 I don't get it.

Mobius360 says:

Looking forward to the 2nd gen of these tablets. Nice to see they will be super-AMOLEDs. I have learned my lesson buying 1st gen products over the years. I do wonder what apple has up their sleeve for their 2nd gen iPad as it really should offer a lot more than the current version as well.