That's pretty benign.

Now last year's video, on the other hand ...


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Samsung's latest Christmas video is way less creepy than last year's


Plain, simple, nothing, Samsung and period can't be missing from yarrell's comments.

Man posts like a spam bot.

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Because an individual likes, prefers, buys and promotes a certain brand of product does not make them ignorant?

I don't understand all this irrational hate by you, and many of the other posters, for someone you all probably don't even know?

If the man likes Samsung products that's his decision. If he chooses to sing their praises, that's also his decision.

If the truth is told there are products we like, services we prefer, and brand loyalties that each of us have at one level or another.

I don't get how one person's like of Samsung products negatively impacts the life of anyone to the point where hateful comments are posted on a tech forum?

1. You're the idiot who seriously asked right here: androidcentral dot com/samsung-hails-10-million-galaxy-note-3s-sold-after-second-month-sale#comment-820843 what part of his statement was wrong. What part of his statement *wasn't* wrong? Except for the parts that were opinions, none of it was based in fact at all, and he made some statements that appeared to be factual, but were definitely not the least bit true.
2. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Im not disputing that. But when you go around stating your opinion as fact and spamming the various websites with said "facts", as Dick Yarrell has been doing for years, there comes a time where you need to get a reality check. He seriously told me a few years ago that rooting was for "2plus year old devices", despite at the time owning an Evo 4G, which had an absolutely HUGE root community. He seriously told a few others and I that the processor in the HTC Sensation was worse than the one found in his "legendary" Evo 3D, even after we provided many different sources to his ignorant ass about how wrong he was (with the exception of mobile data connection tech (GSM vs. CDMA) they were the exact same SoC). Just 2.5 years ago he claimed HTC "would never be beat" and even went so far as saying they were God once or twice. Now look at him; claiming Samsung rules all and will never be beat.
3. "Because an individual likes, prefers, buys and promotes a certain brand of product does not make them ignorant?" I don't know, does it? I mean, you're talking about the guy who is worse than the "iPhone heads" (as he calls them) in his delusions. The comments from the link above prove as much.
4. You're talking about a guy who was been banned from AC in it's entirety a few years ago under a different username, came back under this username, and was banned a year ago from the forums by Jerry Hildenbrand. He was also banned from Phandroid 4 separate times, each time coming back with a different Disqus username until they found a way to block his IP address. He has also more than likely been banned from several other websites that I don't know about, all for the exact same crap. The mods (and other users) get tired of his utterly ridiculous, over-the-top fanboy posts, as the other comments here will attest.
5. "I don't get how one person's like of Samsung products negatively impacts the life of anyone to the point where hateful comments are posted on a tech forum?" Because his comments have the possibility of doing more harm than good. Imagine a person coming to AC for the first time, reading one of Dick's fanboy posts, and coming away with the idea that all Samsung users are like that. He makes us all (as an Android community) look bad. Less than a year ago he claimed to be about "all things Android", but would go around saying anything not made by Samsung (or HTC before that) was utter crap or "sucks monkey balls". The first words in his "About Me" profile here at AC reads "Avid Android lover...", and yet he goes around saying everything but Samsung products are inferior. I really don't think I need to say any more.

And even if you choose to pick a terrible track to finish with, at least choose one that's current.

I seem to remember one of their CES(?) "productions" that featured a family on stage taking and editing pictures with their new phone? (or something weird like that)

They may have a lot of great electronics, but some of their marketing leaves something to be desired.

Oh my god, I never saw the Santa one from last year. I'm going to go drink myself into some retrograde amnesia now.

But seriously, the original commercial that that Santa ad was spoofing is one of the funniest commercials I've seen in years.

Notice how it's unlisted now.

And the ad with Hot Mom S-Beaming Business Dad a pic as he hops into a cab has been pulled altogether. :p

I actually thought the commercial was good. It almost (almost) made me think about buying the watch (wait, are we still calling it a watch).
But fortunately for me, I can remember to not walk away from my phone for a lot less then 300 bucks by simply putting it in my pocket.

This is a really nice ad. I also got a chance to play with the gear for a while. I like its build quality...other than that its only an indication to what's coming next. I think the upcoming gear or whatever it's name is will amaze people with what it will do. For now I see quite a huge gap between gear and other smart watches, because using this makes you feel like you're really using a smart watch

I like how Samsung took the Apple iPhone shutter sound for this commercial...

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Santa in this commercial reminds me of Steve Jobs back in the day when he took back control of Apple. Or is that just me.

I thought Steve ballmer at a Windows launch.

My phone can beat up your phone. It's bigger, badder and has more moves. If worse comes to worse, it also comes with a sword.

I almost feel out of my chair, when I saw last year's commercial, sounds like Mrs. Claus is naughty herself...