Samsung has released the source code for the 4.1 updates of the Galaxy Tab 2 (both the 10.1 and 7-inch versions) and the AT&T branded Galaxy Note 2. This consists of the parts used that are GPL licensed, and required to be released by the agreement Samsung is bound to by using the free code. 

In short, Samsung did what they always do, and what they needed to do to be compliant. It's time we stop congratulating these companies for doing what they are supposed to do, and instead be on the lookout for the times they don't. 

Source: Samsung


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Samsung releases a bunch of source code for the AT&T Note 2, Galaxy Tab 2 family


Samsung said they will do something about the lack of documentation for their exynos processors, whatever happened to that?

As a Satisfied G-Note *1* Owner this is all good...

We already have the Gapps 4.2 JellyBean APK's ( Note 2's Camera, Pinch-Zoom G-Mail Etc..) to go with our JellyBean Roms...

This just helps the Stew get even Sweeter...

And with Sammy Stewing up an "Official" 4.1.2 JellyBean Update for the Note *1* as well, ( Which will even give G-Note *1*'s that Kool Split-Screen Action..) G-Note *1* Owners have to just be loving this...

Thanks Samsung :-)

Can anyone explain the benefit to end users in this release? Is this the sort of thing necessary for more after-root customization for example? And will the same release of information happen for the Sprint GN2?

I am just trying to wrap my head around the ecosystem here, having come from the very welcomed by Palm then HP homebrew environment. I am getting a GN2 soon and am just curious.