Samsung 32GB microSD

Let's face it: The most advanced Android device on the market deserves the best storage option available. (OK, every phone deserves that, too.) Enter Samsung's 32-gigabyte microSD card, twice as big (storage-wise) as the current big boys.

Samsung expects mass production to begin next month. No word on what that much storage is going to cost us. [via]


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Samsung ramps up 32GB microSD cards


Finally! I'm sick of these phones saying "supports up to 32GB" when no one makes the damn things. Sure the statement is true, but it's like saying "supports unicorns", maybe it can but we have no stinkin' unicorns!

32gb SD cards have been available for a while now. I'll stick with my 16gb class6 until they release class6 32gb.

what brand is your class 6 16GB card? where did you find it? i'm having trouble enough finding class 4, let alone class 6... thnx!

Well what they are referring to is the 32GB micro SD cards, which I have looked and looked and cannot find anywhere. I would gladly be proven wrong, so if so please do show me a link where you can find 32 GB micro SD cards.

if you are looking for class 6 look here 69$

As for the size I remember from a few years ago when the 8gb cards came out they were talking about the real-estate it takes up and saying the micro SD cards have enough real-estate to go up to 64GB with the current form factor so it will be interesting to see 48gb and 64GB cards to come out. That is what I will wait for. 16GB is good enough for now.

who needs a 32gig, i have a 16gig class6( got it on sale for $25) in my current phone(htc hero from sprint), and it work wonderfully. All that memory is really uncalled for, you know you wont use all that memory so whats the purpose of it. i once told myself that 16gig wasnt enough because i am a business man myself but soon realized that i would use that much data. I have 500 hundred songs, 250 photos, and 5 videos and still haven't used up half the memory. so whats your take on that. 1. do you really need that much memory or do you just want it to know its there

I have been researching since purchasing my smartphone availability of 32gb microSD cards to no availe I have since realized that the memory ability was a marketing ploy by over zealous salesmen. It is a shame they don't know about what the sell. I bought my phone to incorporate devices since 32gb would support my music and photo/video desires, however now I will have to wait to download my data until the real availablity of 32gb microSd cards or buy a 16gb and have to transfer everything and purchase two cards! It appears a bit of false advertising by Motorola's rep's of a capacity that has no hardware to support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would a 32 GB SD HC memory card allow you to have more applications on the Droid or is strickly used for the photos, videos and music? Please email me if you have the answer. Thanks Bill

Depends on if you have a rooted Droid with apps2sd installed. If you do, then yes. However, if you do, you would already know the answer to that question...

Samsung has announced a 32gb Micro SD card but has neither started making them yet nor, of course, selling them. Every other site, including eBay, that purports to be selling these cards is either a pre-order for a card that does not yet exist or a fake.

Having a 32gb card will be wonderful for Droid or Eris users who want a lot of songs (6,000+) and/or pictures on their phones.

Even Samsung has not announced an availability date and SanDisk says they aren't ready to release a card, either. Follow some of the above suggestions on where to buy the 32 card now at your peril.

Just saw a guy on Ebay Selling Kingston 32gb Micro SDHC Memory Cards for incredibly cheap. Only $79.99

I am surely interested if anyone buys from him to please post back here and let us all know how it works.

Thanks much,

Stay away from the so called Kingston 32gb microsd card. Its a chinese fake. Its actually a 2GB card compressed to make it seem its 32gb. I know, i bought one from the same ebay seller. He refunded the money though. I know there are some chinese counterfeits that actually do work so i am not saying they are not out there...