Following the launch of Android 4.4 KitKat for the Galaxy Note 3 in some countries, there've been reports from some Note 3 owners that certain third-party accessories no longer work with the new firmware. The info first came to light on the XDA forums, where owners of some third-party S View cases say the accessories doesn't work as they did on Jelly Bean.

At first it seemed to be a simple case of a manufacturer locking down software to gain more control over the accessory ecosystem. However Samsung has today released a statement denying any link between nonfunctional third-party accessories and the recent update. The translated statement, given to German blog AllAboutSamsung, reads — 

Statement on the use of third-party accessories
To ensure a pleasant and smooth user experience with Samsung products for our customers, we recommend that only original accessories from Samsung be used. Of course, customers can continue to rely on third-party accessories. The full functionality of our devices and accessories, however, can only be ensured with genuine Samsung components, since only in this way it is ensured that equipment and accessories are perfectly matched. A correlation between the Android version 4.4 and the supposed incompatibility of third-party accessories does not exist.

In light of this development it's unclear where owners of nonfunctional accessories stand. And with KitKat for the Note 3 apparently still limited to a couple of countries in Eastern Europe, it may be a while before this issue is fully resolved. In the meantime, various software and hardware workarounds have been offered on the XDA forums for those affected.

Source: AllAboutSamsung, XDA


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Samsung: no link between Note 3 KitKat update and nonfunctional third-party accessories


Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or Galaxy Note products period.

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I'm just curious... Don't you ever have anything else to add to a conversation? Or, are you a robot?

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Samsung likes to hire "robots" to up talk their products. It's pretty annoying. As far as the statement from Samsung goes, it's just a plain lie. Seriously, if they had to mention that buying their product is the only way things work with their phones, you know it was deliberate!

The statement just says that "we can't guarantee or support 3rd party accessories working or not working" which is a fair statement.

Basically, if you buy 3rd-party accessories, you're on your own if something goes wrong. That's a common stance for companies to take, since it would impossible for them to support products from companies that they have no control over.

Reading the "news" on this, I'm not convinced that it's not just like 1 guy had his case stop working and a bunch of other people started yelling "yeah, me too!" online just for the attention.

I won't pass judgement on this one until there's a lot more evidence one way or the other.

I read that a tech guy read the code for Samsung and saw that a code that verified "true" to whether or not the cover was Samsung case. The code broke the 3rd party covers. So it seems pretty obvious that Samsung did this on purpose or a lucky mistake for them.

Really makes you wonder what's going to happen to universal Android accessories like watches, fit bands, Glass will all do in the near future if you want to pair them up to a Samsung device. This is just the beginning.

That is interesting. In looking through XDA, shortly after posting my previous comment, I was only able to find two people complaining of this issue. I don't know. If Samsung really is pushing towards killing 3rd party accessories, I don't believe that they're going to find it beneficial to their bottom line. As I said previously, Samsung seems (seemed?) to be one of the few OEM's to really understand just how important a healthy accessory ecosystem is for mobile devices these days.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how this plays out as the update hits more countries. If this is really a "thing" we'll definitely see more complaints as it rolls out around the world.

The real problem here is that the QA folks are not allowed to test with any accessories, even Samsung made items. Until Samsung changes this ridiculous policy this embarrassment should be expected each and every time.

richardyarrell, i was with you BEFORE getting a note 3. now, read my lips, SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE IS CRAP, you get that?

Please smack yourself .... Android central people please ban these idiots

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Even though he does post the same comments over and over again, he's not breaking any rules. So, request denied, lol.

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I heard Samsung wants a guy who can do an awesome job at marketing. I think you're the man for the job.

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I see you all over the net on bgr, Facebook, android central, etc... With the same corny Samsung is king lines.

I'm absolutely convinced your either paid or may have a very close / taboo relationship with your Samsung device.

merry holidays

He HAS to be paid. I refuse to believe otherwise, lol.

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Personally, I do not think that they pay him enough.

Nobody beats Richard Yarnell, Nobody. Period

Why do you think that? If anything, he's doing more harm than good. One person gets a good read through of some of his comments, and they might start thinking *all* Samsung proponents (and maybe even pro-Android people) are like this. Idiotic. Unable/unwilling to listen to reason/facts (he called the Knox security hole "hogwash as usual"). And grossly immature (he appears to be at least 50 years old, but still calls people names and make childish statements like "piss on Apple").

I can think of at least a half dozen things that beats Samsung or Galaxy Note products in the .5 seconds it took for you to have your knee-jerk reactionary hissy-fit fanboi post.

Man, who took a shit in your cheerios?

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I truly hope it is a bug or something, otherwise Samsung is becoming an "Apple Clone" and this is the last Samsung I will ever buy and, along with Knox feature, it´s a strategy that will drive lots of customers away.
I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a Spigen Slim Armor View and simply cannot believe the best case I ever onwed will stop working in the next software update. This case cost 50 bucks! Probably I will not update the firmware at all.

Samsung is becoming an apple clone, they changed the firmware on purpose. It's their way or the highway. They only want Samsung approved accessories to be used for their devices. What's next, third party manufacturers being sued over creating products for samsung devices and licensing lawsuits probably.

I'm not convinced of that, especially since Samsung seems to be one of the only OEM's that really understands just how important and accessory eco-system is. I say give this time to play out.

If 10 people, for example, are reporting something on the internet like this, odds are that one guy had something completely unrelated to the update happen, and the other 9 are lying just to ride the wave of attention.

Well, does it surprise you? Ever tried to use 3rd party (not incorporated in the factory fresh phone) lockscreen widgets on a Galaxy device and still be able to lock/password or PIN protect your phone?

"A correlation between the Android version 4.4 and the supposed incompatibility of third-party accessories does not exist."

So all those people whose accessories suddenly stopped working after the update are imagining it? Or all these accessories suddenly decided to stop working at the same time? Yeah, that must be it because Samsung said a link doesn't exist.

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Exactly. What the? I can't believe Android Central even posted this without pointing out that it's a complete farce. Come on Alex!

"Supposed" incompatibility? Um, it's a fact, not a supposition, that the third party accessories in question no longer work after the 4.4 update.

"We recommend that only original accessories from Samsung be used." Well I bet you do! You do more than recommend actually. You force!

Is there at least one person who owns the rudely overpriced original sview cover? If what Samsung is hinting is true it must have stopped working too after the update.

But, is it possible for Samsung to "block" third-party S-View cases, while maintaining compatibility with its own?

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Yikes... Well, thanks, brother!

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Yeah. If this is true, I will start looking elsewhere cause this is the first steps of totally owning the ecosystem. I understand it's their product but that doesn't mean I have to bite.

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Yeah, next thing you know, third-party extended batteries will start failing, because they're compatibility is broken from the sketchy firmware.

I honestly think, when Samsung's app store reaches a certain level, they will break away from Google and Android. Hopefully, we're nowhere near that.

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I thought it was done with a magnet, am I wrong? If so, how do you break compatibility with a magnet? I guess they could have decreased the sensitivity of the sensor, making the cheap covers with a weak magnet not powerful enough.


That's a great question...

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I kinda looked, seems maybe there are 2 kinds, ones with a chip, ones with a chip+magnet? Not sure why they would make the cover use a chip when a magnet would be sufficient.


With s-view there are pins on the inside of the back case. I am assuming that they are using a form of NFC that if the accessory does not transmit the "authenticated" code, is essentially blocks the communication from the pins thus rendering the s-view case inoperable.

I do not get this on Samsungs part except total greed. The sad part is it *should* backfire. I know 4 lines that will not be going with them again if this is more than a bug.

I'm not convinced their statement is a denial. As far as they're concerned, compatibility could not be ensured in 4.3 and the situation remains the same in 4.4. Their policy hasn't changed, they're simply enforcing it more effectively now.

Sucks, of course.

Sounds like you found the loophole they're using! An absolutely BS one, but not technically a blatant lie.

Hmm, Samsung has got me kind of worried. I have been an Android user for a long time now because of the openness of the ecosystem. I bought a Note 3 as my first Samsung TouchWiz device, but if they put in practices like this and respond the way that they did, then my next device may just be a Motorola one.

Yup. The moto x is a great phone! I have an aftermarket charging coil and charger that works great on my N3. If the new update kills this, I'm gone.

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If you don't vote with your wallet while you still can, that might happen. But if enough people stop buying their products and their sales start to decline, you can bet they'll start backing up some of this crap.

They are not lying. The issue has nothing to do with Kit Kit, I am sure the block is part of an update in Touchwiz. Samsung is just being very slick with their wording.

Samsung should watch out. They need to realize they are not the only game in town, and customers don't like to be told what they can do with their phones.

Also, wireless stores make huge profit on aftermarket accessories, many don't even sell vendor branded models. If this happens, those stores will be pushing other brands before samsung so they can add accessories into the purchase and make more money.

First KNOX and now this. I am so done with Samsung. My current S3 will be my last Samsung device. I'm moving on to either Moto or Nexus.

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Hold your horses there buckaroo. It may be a simple firmware fix Samsung needs to address. I mean I believe they did it on purpose but give the benefit of the doubt. .... For now.

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I'm sure if enough people complain, they'll do as you stated. I certainly don't think this Touchwiz update that blocks 3rd party cases/chips will cause consumers to turn to Samsung branded products.

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Let me tell you, know or something like it will be on all devices from every oem. They are after the BB money

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Apparently Samsung doesn't realize that APK's can be decompiled and Log's can be catted. Per the thread on XDA it is clear that Samsung has added code which is clearly intended to block the use of 3rd party S-View covers.

Why does this really surprise anyone? Apple has been suing Samsung for stealing from them? It's not that far a stretch to just become the new Apple. If you think Samsung truly cares, then you are higher than giraffe vagina. Samsung will do what Samsung wants, and people will still buy their product for the same reasons people buy Apple products. Is it sad? Absolutely, but I've seen this before, where a company builds themselves on the backs of devs and "advanced" users, only to shit on them so they can become more "mainstream". Samsung-Apple merger 2014...and go!

Giraffe vaginas? Tasty!

Sure Samsung can do what they want but that doesn't mean I have to purchase just because I like Samsung products. They go this route, moto or nexus here I come on a permanent basis.

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Not saying you will or would even want to purchase their product, but people will. And much like Apple as long as they make money there is no real reason they should change their business model.

LMAO... just posted something similar... should have read all the comments first. You are SPOT ON. So would the merged company be called Sample or AppSung?? lol

Would anyone be AT ALL surprised if Crapsung pulled something like this? REALLY? They have been alienating Android in general for a year (or at least trying to with all thier "Galaxy only" BS). For them to cripple 3rd party accessories and make you use their over priced garbage would not surprise me for a second. Samsung = Apple but worse. At least apple stayed true to their cause and didnt forget where they came from. Android MADE Samsung and they are doing all they can to get rid of Android. Hope they burn in hell. :) I Still really like Samsung stuff but they keep going like this and i am out!

I find the wording to be highly suspect. any incompatibility with accessories would clearly not be a result of the move to 4.4, it very well could be a result of Samsung screwing around with 4.4 though. Considering there us already a root fix for it I doubt it's just a bug.

I'm with you. Not a bug at all. I've been following the progress on XDA for several weeks now. Samsung put code in that detects the chip's signature.

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I am a Samsung fan, I love my Note 3.

If this is exactly what I think it is, then I will never use them again. Closing off choices is never good. They do not make a case for everyone, and why should I be limited.

Now I just need a 6'' phone with an spen

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Spot on, old chap!

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Just like the "please use a Samsung charger" fiasco.
It isn't related to Kit Kat; it's their strategy.

My first Samsung device (Galaxy S4) will be my last.

As will mine. My wife's Moto X is actually superior phone to my S4 in real-world use, despite the disparity in specs and benchmarks.

If Samsung is going to force us to use their accessories they could at least make them available at launch. "Out of stock" or "preorder only" was all over there website. May still be. I like Samsung products but if they pull this, i can find something else to like.


I used to like Samsung devices, and I still own one (a Note 8.0), but this makes me very glad I bought a Moto X over an S4 or Note 3. I get far better data and voice signals on my moto than I ever did on my SGS3, and much better battery life. I always had moto phones before smartphones came along, and was long disappointed in their non-verizon smartphone offerings. The X changed that, hopefully forever. I've now had 2 phones I loved more than any of my previous Samsung phones -- the Xperia ZL and the moto x. There are alternatives to Samsung, thankfully, that don't require root/ROMs to get a good user experience.

I agree that Samsung has become the new Apple, or at least the Apple of the android world. I suppose it was bound to happen someday!

I wonder if the manager that approved that PR statement is still working at Samsung. I'm thinking it was his/her last day so they decided to give Sammy the finger by rubber stamping a ridiculous PR statement.

Snickerlips, what is it that u did to make ur sview cover start working? I have two spigen cases that are of no use to me right now. Plz help

I did nothing. It started working the next day. It may be because they aren't "Samsung." My cover is a Samsung product